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Rush Hour



Some would call tomorrow D-day. The project team is racing against time to prepare every single detail to be presented to our stakeholders tomorrow for a milestone review. In less than 24 hours, we will know if we’re moving forward, making a U-turn or stop once and for all. During tough times like these in the oil & gas industry, everyone’s desperate to keep their project alive. Every tonne, every cent and every second count even more than before.

Back in the R&D backyard, I did the unthinkable – I killed off my own program. Which was ironic as it finally had the big R and the big D. We did our homework, laid it all out in dollars and sense, and it hit us that the gargantuan project did not jive with our current economics and business direction. It was a difficult call, one that involved swallowing a lot of pride and no one will thank you for saving millions of dollars because all they remember is, “There goes my KPI,” – but it had to be done.

My uncle has been sharing his bucket list a lot lately. Some are quite straightforward (places to go, things to do, etc.) and some are a little poetic and metaphorical, like finding oak trees.

But still the oak tree held its ground
While other trees fell all around
The weary wind gave up and spoke
How can you still be standing Oak?

-Excerpt from “The Oak Tree”, by Johnny Ray Ryder Jr.

For the past few days, I’ve made a few new friends and rekindled with some old ones – it was as if my past and my present decided to converge at some point and blessed me with different kinds of people at one go. It was a lot of get-to-knows and catch-ups, a lot of looking forward and reminiscing. Everywhere I turn, there’s a new friend, an old friend, and lots of memories.

It must be the rainy days.

As I sit in the corner of my cube waiting for the rush hour traffic to ease up, I wonder, “What’s the hurry?”.

My heart and thoughts extend to those who have perished in the recent Nepal earthquake. Where were they heading? Some were probably in a hurry, some taking their time. But wherever it was they were going, they never got there – and to their loved ones, they never got home. And here we are, nestled in one of the safest places in the world, sometimes taking it all for granted. We’re sometimes late and punctual for the wrong reasons, we think our time is worth more than the person next to us, our troubles are bigger, we avoid tough decisions, and we live as if we’re immortals.

I’m privileged to be surrounded by people who treasure time and respect every second that passes. To me, the best time spent are the ones when I’m writing or spending quality time with those who matter to me – both of which I’m trying to do more. I’ve been spending too much time worrying about things I cannot control and meeting the  expectations of others. But hey, the first step to change is self-realization, right?

I think I will sign off now. I have another group of old friends to catch up with tonight.


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