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Five Years: 2. The Final Haul

“Wah, ini kad sudah lima tahun wo…(wah, this card is five years old..)” said the Mak Cik Guard  as I handed in my matric card, signifying my last day as a UTP student. I wanted to keep it for memory’s sake but they wouldn’t let me. I had to hand in to get a clearance endorsement (one of the many other seven departments).
And as I stood there while waiting for her to endorse my form, all 7 minutes of it, it finally hit me that I’m really leaving for good.  For the past five years, I have packed and unpacked, signed clearance forms for the hostels I’ve stayed and somehow the process seemed never-ending. But this time, this time… READ MORE

Five Years: 1. The Nga Choy Kai Affair

“Can you bring your small compact camera tomorrow?” I asked Tania.
She looked slightly surprised by my request but agreed anyway. I said I was too lazy to bring mine around, I was already bringing a book.
“Oh yeah,” I remembered, “let’s have the Ipoh Chicken Rice tomorrow for lunch!”
Having spent five years here, I got rather sick of Ipoh’s famous Nga Choy Kai (bean sprouts & chicken) and would only have it when my parents or friends from outside are in town because that’s what everybody comes here for. But that Saturday night, nostalgia started kicking in a little bit and I thought I’d have it once more before I leave this town that has earned a special place in my heart. READ MORE

Almost There, Almost.

Who would have thought that the kid who always had her head in the clouds would be able to take on a research title such as “Functionalization and Characterization of Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes/Polypropylene Nanocomposites”?
She didn’t think she would either.
But after one whole year of research and experiments, a gold medal confirmed that the entire journey was real. My sleeping, eating, thinking hours have been turned upside down with this project ever since I started my final year, and now, I realize that in two weeks’ time, it will all come to an end. READ MORE

Dining with Humility

“I’ve been in this business for 47 years.”
His statement was beaming with pride yet slightly cooled with the sips from his iced coffee.
He, is Uncle Chow. And Uncle Chow is the owner of Keng Heong, or more affectionately known as The Pink Shop, the coffeeshop that we frequent daily for lunch and sometimes dinner.  I have mentioned about him before in this post whereby his RM1 bought me a smile. READ MORE

My PhD, Please.

My lab equipment supplier delivered my project’s apparatuses today.
I was smiling like an idiot to see certain equipments I’ve never laid my hands on before.
Then he asked me, “Are you a PhD student?”
I told him I’m doing my FYP. His eyes bukak besar-besar then said, “Only Final Year and dealing with carbon nanotubes?”
Hear that UTP? Can you give me my PhD alongside my degree during my convocation? READ MORE

Another Off The Check-List

Today, I sat for the Petronas Ability Test for scholars. If I pass this, then I’ll be shortlisted for the Structured Interview. I know some of my friends who planned to fail this test since the beginning we heard of it, because they wanted to be released by their sponsor (not sure if it’s that simple). I had that initial thought as well, but when the test came about, I decided to do my best anyway. READ MORE

Just Look Outside

Once in awhile, my research partner and I like to talk about God, and take a jab at the few things about organized religion that we can’t stand. He’s a more logical person, and has lost all passion for religion a few years ago. While we have many different opinions about things (we talk about Darwin’s theory, Nietzsche’s philosophy, etc), there was something I shared that he couldn’t help but agree with me. I said something along these lines, READ MORE

Life As A Final Year, Final Semester Student

“What are you doing everyday in your room? If you don’t want to go to class, then go home!”
I couldn’t help but chuckle along when I overheard one of my housemates jokingly teased her roommate in a fake foreign accent. In my house, I think all of us are in our final year, and due to the extension of the semester, some courses only have one subject left to finish. Can you imagine, only 3 hours of lecture for the entire week? READ MORE

Captain Ball

It was sunny and windy at the same time.
It was like a familiar summer in Sydney, but this is home.
It wasn’t entirely humid, and the park was our friend.
We got tired from all the running, and we got tired from all the laughing.
It was sunny and windy at the same time.

Mailing a Magician

Few weeks ago, I wrote to a magician, well a mentalist more like.  I use the term magician so I don’t have to explain what a mentalist is. David was my senior who graduated few years ago, and his since made it big in the entertainment industry performing his mind-bending (or rather, fork-bending) tricks to the world. He also owns a successful restaurant in KL called Skewers, and hangs about showing simple magic tricks to his customers if he’s not somewhere else around the globe performing to a much larger crowd. READ MORE

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