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Testing PSU Without Mobo

If you don’t understand what that title means, chances are you won’t need to use this little trick that I am writing today.  But for the curious minds, here’s some clarification:

PSU: Power Supply Unit
Mobo:  Slang for Motherboard

So, today, I will be talking about a little handy and very popular trick that involves testing your computer’s Power Supply Unit without the Motherboard.
Understand better?
So yesterday my PC decided to tell me that I had to concentrate on my studies yesterday by making a loud, irritating clicking noise.  It was so loud it actually woke my roommate up from her nap.  Without hesitating I carefully opened my CPU case to detect the source of the clicking.  It became very obvious to me that the sound came from the PSU, probably a faulty fan or something.  I tilted the CPU a little bit and the sound ceased. READ MORE

The Windows Affair

It has only been slightly more than 24 hours since I posted “The Mac Affair” and it occurred to me that I have almost successfully drawn a clear line between the Mac and Windows clan in my circle of friends.  The Mac Pack was very eager to help me with my conversion, and I quote one of them, “Welcome to the Mac side.”  The Windows Heroes screamed in horror upon my previous entry – they felt as if they were losing an honorary geek to a world-dominating cult. READ MORE

The Mac Affair

I’m taking time off from Failure Analysis and Non-Destructive Testing to write this entry.  Because it has been bugging my geeky alter ego for awhile now.
My brother bought a Macbook Pro recently.  His girlfriend won an iPad not too long ago.  Now he’s suggesting that I should get a Macbook Air.  To complete the Apple family, perhaps?  My  brother and I share a lot of similarities, but when it comes to our preferences in gadgets we can be quite worlds apart. READ MORE

Putting It Together

Here’s my most expensive toy investment to-date:

After weeks of sourcing for best prices and finding the pieces that would fit, I finally had a taste of putting some of the bits and pieces together today.  And I think the person who invented the cable tie is a genius.
I’m not even sure if I had the cables connected alright.  Or if this thing would even start.  I can’t find out yet cos it’s still missing a heart.  (Hey, that rhymes!) READ MORE

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together