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My Bokeh Desktop

I got a little bored of books and texts. So I pressed “Print Screen” and put this here.  For fun.
The quote by Plato was posted by my friend on his Gtalk status, and I really liked it.  I think it’s a great reminder for everyone.  So I edited my wallpaper and added the quote.  The other widgets and thingamajigs are customized by Rainmeter.
Goodbye, October.  Time to face the real giant, November.  Three words to describe this month: Deadlines, deadlines, Finals. READ MORE

Either Way, They’re Both Rubber.

Based on past experiences, I find that one of the biggest challenges in print design is package design.  It’s usually done as part of a re-branding process, so the designer would want to create a new outlook without compromising its identity, and hoping that it would make heads turn in consideration of purchasing the product.  Design a package isn’t just about the image or illustration.  It also involves the shape of the package, the ease of use, and perhaps the current trend now is to be as eco-friendly as possible too. READ MORE

What Money Can’t Buy

Let’s face it.  Designers are an anal bunch of perfectionists who want nothing more than to be adequately valued for their work.
Of course, that being said, there are many kinds of people out there who call themselves designers.  But I will leave that topic for another day, when I feel a little bit more pissed off than usual about this term that has been overused without being true to its meaning. READ MORE

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together