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Review: Another Country

Scene 1:
Me: Nat, shall we catch a play on Sunday, 3pm? It’s directed by Jo Kukathas and features Sharifah Amani! And they’re working with Singaporeans on this too.
Nat: Okay!
Ten minutes later…
Me: I’ve bought the tickets!”
Nat: Alright, how much is it?
Me: RM80 per ticket!
Nat: Wow, gee thanks for the heads up, Vern!
Scene 2: 
Me: So, are you free this Sunday afternoon? There’s a really interesting play going on. READ MORE

The Musical That Shook The World: A Review

I hardly write reviews about books or movies unless it’s something I’m really passionate about. Julie Andrews took me into the magical world of wit, story and poetry in song when I was about five with Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music – and as I grew older, this childhood interest turned into something more of a passion – and until today, I go to the extremes of getting my musical DVDs from Amazon because we just can’t find any here! READ MORE

Served With Fire

I’ve always been a sucker for cooking shows.  Even though I can’t cook to save a life (instant noodles and eggs don’t count), I often find myself mostly drawn to channels like Travel & Living and AFC (Asian Food Channel) whenever I do spend time with the telly. But since I hardly stay home long enough to finish an entire season of cooking competitions, I only pick up bits and pieces and has never really made effort to do any follow-up. READ MORE

A Crabby Weekend

I was on a mission last weekend.  Was actually a tad lazy to post this but I am in the midst of clearing up my to-do list before Chinese New Year.  Anyway, I promised Krista I’d do a short review on this since she was the one who sent me on this mission in the first place.
Went to Ipoh for three reasons:

To deliver The Kooky Jar cookies
To see my dearly-missed friends
To find and taste the famous Bercham claypot crabs

Mission 1 & 2 were easy.  Mission 3, though, I had to cajole three other friends to navigate, drive and accompany me to this widely talked-about place.  All four of us in a Myvi, partially lost and partially hungry. READ MORE

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together