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The Morning Express

She looks at me from the corner of her eyes, and a smile forms at the edge of her lips. We don’t speak, we don’t make direct eye contact yet – but she knows that I’m just as thrilled to see her. The aroma that permeates the air awakes my senses as I walk quietly behind her and turn on the tap, allowing the sound of water flowing fill the silence. It’s about time, I thought as I wait patiently for her to finish her morning routine. She knows what I need, and she was going to give it to me – hot and bittersweet. READ MORE

You Can Be Your Own Boss

I don’t really know what an entrepreneur is anymore. People whom I regard as entrepreneurs are now saying things like “I’m not an entrepreneur” and those who don’t seem to fit the bill are flaunting the label around their necks.
Today, we find many articles written about the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, inspiring young ones who are keen to build a name for themselves in the business world, but very few are targeted at those in the workforce. Recently, Timothy Tiah (co-founder of Netccentric) wrote a rather compelling piece from a successful entrepreneur’s point of view of why some people should consider working for others than to start a business. You can read this rather well-written article here. READ MORE

That (Corporate) Thing You Do

Occasionally, I get to sit next to nice strangers when I’m aboard a bus or a plane. These are people who emit good vibes that tell you, “Hey, I enjoy a good conversation.”
Last weekend, on my way back from Penang to Subang – I was seated next to a middle-aged man whose eyes showed years of experience and displayed a certain kind of warmth. He peered at the “Success” magazine that I bought for the short journey and immediately put one and one together. READ MORE

Lessons from a One-Year Old Nine to Six-er (Part 2 of 2)

This is a continuation from the previous list. The list that I’ve written aren’t set in stone – it depends on your working environment. As for me, I work in a large GLC with many layers of management that comes with its own set of internal politics. My first year has been all about adapting and learning how to work beyond the system. If you have any extra suggestions that you would like to add, please feel free to give your two cents! =)   Read. And Read Some More. Learning doesn’t end at university. In fact, if you were a part of the local education system like myself, you would know that true learning starts AFTER university. I consider myself fortunate that my mom instilled the habit of reading in me since young, and I find a lot of the things I read surface in conversations among the older people at work – managers, bosses, custodians, and even sales executives. We often overuse the excuse of “generation gap” and we can’t entirely blame the adults for...

Lessons from a One-Year Old Nine-to-Six-er (Part 1 of 2)

Disclaimer: The following list are variable with time. Author appreciates input. It’s Not The End Even though you’re extremely tired at the end of 6pm and all you want to go home and sleep – life doesn’t have to end there. Consider a change of lifestyle – exercise regularly (getting a gym membership doesn’t count unless you actually go to one at least 3-4 times a week), adopt a hobby, or spend an hour or two improving yourself in something that you really like doing. Keeping fit actually helps you be alert and stay awake longer throughout the day. Your mood improves and your clothes fit better too! Listen to Plato. Or at least that one quote of his: “Be Kind, For Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle.” You have your story, you have your chip on your shoulder – so does everyone. Everyone who has the perfect life won’t be existing in the same world as you. I have a Post-It note stuck on my phone in my office that says “Be Nice.” It sounds sad, but it reminds me...

Working Holiday

“Earn an honest living”, can mean a few things. It means getting a legitimate job or run a legitimate business, working your required hours to earn your wages, and upholding your integrity at work at all times.
But what about working extra hours without expecting any extra benefits? Where does that fall into?
I’m not 100% engineer material, neither am I a brilliant researcher who enjoys publishing patents after patents. I was never first-class material during my school days, and I constantly have a burning desire to do what I want to do. READ MORE

Hold On To That Speed of Light – Finale

“This is your last week?  You’re leaving us already?”
After 8 months of industrial training I’ve become quite acquainted with the receptionist who once kind of intimidated me.  We continued to chat a little, with her asking me about my future plans like everyone else did.
Everyone was packing, even the permanent employees.  The company was undergoing some renovation and everyone had to be shifted to a temporary space.  Coincidentally, the packing day was the same day as my last – so it kind of added some dramatic effect to my exit.  Boxes everywhere, and I was helping my supervisor filter the things he no longer needed. READ MORE

Hold On To That Speed of Light – Part 3

“I’m gonna paint my wall blue.”
I figured if I was going to get used to home, I was going to make it as homey as I could.  I wanted my own personal space where I could come home and unwind from a hard day’s work.  Dim lights would do the trick too.
My dad was quite cooperative in this little mission of mine.  I think he wanted me to feel very much at home as well, so this time he grumbled less and took home some paint catalogues for me the next day.  Thanks to dad, the wall was as blue as I wanted it to be within a couple of days. READ MORE

Hold On To That Speed of Light – Part 2

Panic arose as I stood in front of the ticket counter, helpless.
This cannot be happening, I thought.  I’ve just had one of the best weekends of my life and I was all revved up to begin my first day of internship in less than 12 hours.
“I’m sorry, but we’ve closed 15 minutes ago.  We can’t let you board the flight.”
I couldn’t believe it.  I dialed my brother, and then my mom – she was furious, and I thought I had just died and gone to hell.  Just as I was about to take my brother’s advice to go home the next day, I turned and saw that I wasn’t the only person who missed it.  There was a queue of people who were stranded as well!  That was quite a comforting sight to know I wasn’t the only one stuck in the predicament.  Or the only idiot. READ MORE

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