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Mom and I chilling on the couch, busy with our phones. Dad came home from his daily hike, passed us and walked into the kitchen. As she was busily swiping colored candies, she asked nonchalantly.

Mom: What do you think dad is doing in the kitchen?
Me: Mm… Sounds like he’s cutting up something.
Mom: What is it ah?
Me: Doesn’t sound like durian…
Mom: Doesn’t smell like durian… It’s not even in season!
Me: Cannot be coconut… we just had it…
Mom: Doesn’t sound like he’s chopping something big..
Me: Can’t be papaya…
Mom: We still have leftover papaya from yesterday lah..
Me: Oooo maybe mango?
Mom: Ya meh? But we haven’t gone for dinner yet, he’s cutting fruits already?
Me: Aiyah dunno lah!

Dad walks out of the kitchen carrying a plate of sliced up something.

Dad: Nah, mango! Eat!
Me: *looks at mom* Naaaahhhhh…
Mom: Eh ya wo… How did I give birth to such a smart daughter..
Me: Why does it sound like you’re actually giving credit to yourself?

Home sweet home.

Happy 2015 everyone.

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weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together