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Sweet Omelette


Bro: I’m going out for awhile, okay? Going to go get some stuff to cook for brunch.

Me: Want me to go with you?

Bro: You want to come? Yeah, sure!


Me: You sure there aren’t any decent grocers nearby? I see a lot of shoplots.

Bro: Yeah, I’m thinking of the same thing. There has to be at least one somewhere. Let’s go search.

–Half hour later–

Me: Really none wo…

Bro: Ya man… looks like we have to go to Taman Tun lah. Yeah I know a place there.


Me: You need help?

Bro: Yeah, you mind stirring the soup?

Me: Sure – you want me to prepare the eggs for the toast?

Bro: Yup. OK.

Me: Do you put milk and sugar in your batter?

Bro: Put anything you want lah.


Bro: I’m going to make omelette with the rest of the batter.

Me: But I’ve put sugar in there…

Bro: Never mind. We’ll see how.


Sis-in-law: Come, let me cook the omelette.

Me: See? Got difference between guy’s omelette and girl’s omelette. Hers look like a nice pancake.

Bro: But hotel one looks like mine wo…

Sis-in-law: Yeah, actually the correct one looks like your bro’s.

Bro: OK, the last batch of batter we do scramble eggs lah! So this morning we have all kinds of eggs.

Me: But there’s sugarrrrr…..


Bro: Ohmygawd, sweet omelette. Hahaha!

Me: I told you…

(Yes, the scrambled eggs turned out sweet, too)


Bro: You wash, okay?

Me: Okay…

Bro: You wash cleaner than me ma

Me: *sighs*

Bro: Okay lah, okay lah, I help.

Me: Hahaha, no lah, saja make you feel guilty. I wash, I wash, you wipe the table.


Since the days my brother mastered the art of cooking instant noodles, there was a mutual understanding between the two of us: He cooks, I wash. I’ve never complained, really – I thought it was fair because he’s the best when it comes to instant noodles. As we grew up, the practice has never changed each time he prepares a meal whenever I visit. Although, nowadays my sister-in-law does most of the dish-washing (God bless sister in-laws!) so I’m quite pampered each time I’m there.

When I’m away from home, and my brother is the only one I have around – I really don’t mind who cooks, if the omelette is sweet or salty and who does the dishes.

Better sweet omelette than none, right? 🙂

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