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Chapter Two


I wonder if this is a poor attempt to revive my blog. Chapter Two. I stopped blogging for awhile because I was busy sorting out remnants of Chapter One. It’s like moving into a new home, really – I had to sort out the things I wanted to throw, the things I wanted to keep, handover the keys to the previous landlord, move into a new empty space whilst I figure out what I want to do with it.

Chapter One is safely stored – after all, it’s not easy to throw away all those years of growing up – it’s a huge part of me and has led to what I have become (not too bad, I hope). I might archive some of my favourite pieces here, when I actually have time to go through them. Plus, I believe I do have some backdated posts to write as well.

How will Chapter Two fare? I’m not sure. Just like life – we’ll get it as we move along.

NOTE: Just a few days before this was written, the author actually did sort out 
her stuff in her tiny rented bedroom, packed all her unwanted stuff and sealed 
them in a box that used to house her stand fan that now keeps her cool every nightin this humid Malaysian weather. Best investment ever.

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weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together