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I get peeved when people fail to see the real value in things.  Especially after advice have been given to them freely.

When they would rather ignore their own country’s politics and just migrate to another “better” place.  Unconcerned about the very company they work for as long as their pay reaches on time.  Buy the latest stuff just because they look pretty, and pay a little more just because they can’t wait.

But when it comes to things that matter – the real art and technology behind the things they buy, the value of money when it comes to making investments, or even things that concern their own country, their home – they’re oblivious and they couldn’t care less.

Worse still, they give you all sorts of excuses why they “don’t have to know” or pretend they know it already anyway.

And all that just because they can.  But not because they’re too rich to care. In fact, some of the richest people I know are staying put in this country, reading company portfolios all the time and are still looking for a good bargain in the things they buy.

All that ignorance, pretense and pride.

All that capacity to learn wasted away.

All that value, seen as naught.

And these are people my age – some older than me.

My generation to change the world?  Most of us must have missed the memo.

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weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together