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Catch and Release


Last night, I was putting aside the things I would like to bring to my new place. It’s not a very big pile – I’m learning to take the minimalist approach of what I really need. As I sat in my big, red swivel chair, I looked around my room and realized the next time I come home and sit here again, I might be a different person. Not character-wise, but I’ll be…grown up a little bit more.

2011 is probably the year that has stretched me the most. From being a Final Year student, to stepping up and rising to the occasion in the midst of conflicts, in relearning how to be a part of my Penang home again, discovering one of the most beautiful places in the world, rediscovering God, to receiving a job offer letter and preparing for relocation – when 2012 comes, which is tomorrow, I’ll be leaving again.

When I was still in school, leaving home was never a problem. Because I knew I’ll be back for semester breaks anyway. But now that I’ll be joining the workforce soon, suddenly, my folks look a tad older to me.

As much as I worry about them, I prefer to count my blessings. I found a nice place to stay, with a nice housemate, my parents may have their squabbles sometimes but they still have each other, I’m not too far from home, and I’ve secured a pretty decent job. As we were running errands yesterday, a thought popped into my head while looking at my folks, and as if writing a mental note to them, I heard myself thinking,

Mom, Dad,

It’s time you put your worries aside about your children (at least the part about being able to take care of ourselves), and start falling in love with each other all over again.  Dad, take mom out, go to the movies, have nice meals, do the things you and mom weren’t able to do when you were still busy worrying and taking care of us. And mom, the only thing you should worry about now onwards is what dress to wear for those dates. =) It’s time to rekindle the feelings you had on the day you decided that he/she was the person you wanted to marry and spend the rest of your lives with.

Maybe it’s a sign of growing old. I was at Krista’s last night for dinner and we discovered I’m developing some symptoms already. And speaking of which, I thank God as well for lasting friendships. I met Krista five and a half years ago when I had just finished high school and entering my foundation studies. Since then, she and her husband Nic became my friends, mentors, and neighbor. I’m entering a new chapter in my life, and they’re still here – sharing and giving me advise on things that are relevant as I progress.

I’m a little anxious, but very much looking forward to 2012. I still have some ideal goals to reach, and entering this new phase just lets me know that I’m one step closer. And maybe, one day, when I’ve achieved what I want, I’ll still be writing them all here.

Blessed New Year, everyone. Life starts when you say it does.

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  • Hi Vern: Ah, it’s funny how we met. It’s as if God planned that we were to be neighbours. 😉 I’ve enjoyed being your neighbour, from the movie nights to jazz nights to shellfish nights and more. It’s exciting to be 24 and to be growing up today. I can’t recall my feelings at my first job but I felt grateful I had a job back when the ’98 recession was just scaring the wits out of us fresh grads. I can tell you I was so homesick the first time I entered uni but over time, those feelings passed. You will be homesick for a bit as you settle into your new phase of life but you know that home is always waiting for you. With email and social media and such, we can still keep track of each other if only just to know you’re doing OK. Cathie Black’s book will be waiting for you to pick up the next round you get home. A toast to your new job!

  • Ahhhhh…don’t worry about homesick…u know I’m just 30 minutes away..and the home is always open to you at any time of the day…when you need home cooked food, just pop in…I’ll ta pau home..*home-cooked food* 🙂

  • @Jave, thanks. =) Don’t worry, you’ll prolly get some emo moments at first too, but you’ll do fine, if not great. =)

    @Krista, I’m coming home soon!!! Yeah the homesick phase is gradually fading, Bangi isn’t such a ulu place after all. 😀

    @Ko, noted. =)

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