Dum Spiro, Scribo.

I’ve been taking a little break from blogging ever since my convocation was over, even though I still have some New Zealand stories to tell. Not because I’m lazy, but primarily because I’m at that transition phase most unemployed fresh graduates go through. And I’ve been trying hard not to be completely ‘unemployed’, so I’ve been keeping myself busy with small design jobs and favours, and doing things I haven’t had time to do before such as craft works.

However,  I have been faithfully reading the blogs I follow daily to see what’s up with my blogger friends. This evening while I was doing a little brainstorming on my own with a nice cup of latte outside, I came across my dear blogger friend cum neighbor (that’s another story) Krista’s entry that made me go “AHA!” because it was the very same thing that was playing in my mind for the past few days.

She spoke about people abandoning their blogs simply because they had no readers, and made a stand that she wouldn’t stop writing even if no one read her blog (which is impossible because she’s such a terrific writer, but yeah she made her point).

As I write this (and every other posts) I’m not too sure about my readership either, and perhaps I’m writing this to reassure myself as well – nevertheless, after more than half a decade of blogging (I’ve had blogs on Friendster, Blogger before), I can strongly say that I won’t give up writing for the lack of readership either.

‘Dum Spiro, Scribo’ in Latin means ‘While I Live, I Write”, which was derived from the famous phrase ‘Dum Spiro, Spero’ which means ‘While I Live, I Hope.’ It’s not easy to maintain readership, I can assure you. Inconsistent posts, unfamiliar topics, and even shifting of blogs can cause readers to lose interest, I know because I’ve been guilty of all three.

I admit, there were times when I did think of giving up blogging, because at one point I felt like I was disappointing my readers (back then I had quite a following) with my inconsistency. When I looked back to the day I started a blog, my main purpose was to write – because that’s how I express myself best. To have readers is a sweet bonus, but the bottomline is, I just wanted to write.

And just like Krista mentioned, a blog is a space that’s meant for its writer and its writer alone. This is a place I rant, pour out random thoughts, and it never goes away even on days when I am lost for words. It’s like a faithful friend who’s always there when I need someone to hear me out.

Okay, I’m on the verge of kissing my laptop screen already.

I love blogging, and that’s that.


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  1. Ah ha! So you’re in my league too. I am glad you don’t look at readers at the MAIN Reason to blog. That is why I get quite upset when people start a blog just so they can be mini celebs and such. That girl incidentally was supposed to work for me as a part-timer so can you believe it when she said she stopped just coz no one read? Sigh. So much for perseverance. Anyway, that’s how I dig stuff out of people.

  2. haha first comment within the first 30 minutes the entry was posted.
    15 minutes after that, the second…
    and number three after another 15 minutes.

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