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Friday Chapters of Aging



In the midst of childishness and childlikeness, age comes to surprise us once in a while.



Me: Aiyah, no parking. (Drives around the bend)
Tania: Do you think we can park in here? (points to the compound of the smelly market)
Me: Ya hor, no need to pay parking ticket some more!



At an IT mall catered for computer gadgets and electronics…

Me: Walking in places like this always tempts me to buy something…
Tania: (LOL)
Me: No no, cannot.  Budget, budget…

(Both of us nods)



Upon reaching Jusco…

Tania: Whoaa… so many empty parking spaces…
Me: Woohoo!! Weekday shopping for the win!!!! All the kids are at school!
Tania:  Yeah man, you can slowly take your pick.
Me: (drives into a convenient empty space) OH YEAH! (does victory dance)



At Watsons, staring at the choices of cotton buds…

Me: Should I pay a little bit more for the plastic bottle that holds the cotton buds nicely, or should I just get the cheaper ones in plastic?
Tania: I think the cheaper ones are enough already.
Me: Yea wei, come to think of it I’m paying 4 bucks more for that stupid container. (grabs the one in plastic)



At Jusco’s hypermart…

Tania: Oh, I love these! (points to Dutch Lady’s low-fat high-calcium milk)
Me:  Yeah, me too. And they’re having a promotion – twin pack. I get to save about 2 bucks. Not bad right?

Tania: Oh, I’m going to the other aisle to get some tea.
Me: (thinks to self) Should I get my coffee? Oh wait I still have my supply. And I do need my sleep.



Lunching at Sushi King (because Tania has a member card that entitles us discount)

Tania: (takes out her mobile phone and starts tapping away)
Me: (follow suit, partly mocking)
Tania:  Hehe, so how does your dad do without a mobile phone anyway?
Me: He’d say he’s lived so long without one, and using one might just cut it short with all the radiation anyway.
Tania: In my family, this is what we do while waiting for food.
Me: I think it applies to everyone. At this age, I think it’s when you don’t take out your mobile phone that people will start thinking “What’s the matter with you?”  It’s almost rude not to have a phone.
Tania: (LOL) That is so true.



In the car, on the way back to campus, with Taylor Swift’s song playing in the background…

Tania:  You know, I think she will go quite far with her songs…
Me: Yeah, cos it relates to young girls nowadays right?
Tania: No, I mean, her songs will be the kind where kids these days will remember when they grow up..
Me: Ah, you mean like Backstreet Boys? Oh my goodness, come to think of it, we’ve entered a whole new generation of music already!
Tania: YEAAA… the other day I was with my juniors and Smashing Pumpkins was on the radio and no one knew who they are!
Me: Oh crap. The songs we used to listen to are considered oldies now.
Tania: Yea wei…



I used to hate to walk a distance, and would pay more for parking.
I used to grab fancy gadgets that catches my eye from the shelf, and never use them.
I couldn’t care less about parking before I knew how to drive.
And I used to be one of those annoying school kids who flooded the malls on weekends.
I would’ve paid more for the container because I didn’t know the value of RM4 back then.
I used to look down on promotion items. My mom would worry about my dairy supply.
My family dislikes the idea of tapping away on mobile phones during meals. They still do.
Yes, I was a sappy pop-loving 90’s kid.  I don’t really know how to appreciate today’s mainstream stuff anymore.
I prefer Sinatra and Backstreet Boys to Gaga and Bieber anytime.


Age did not really surprise me.

But it so made a statement today.


P/S: I still ♥ life.

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  • Aiyohhh ~ A summary of our lil’ trip rupa nya. Hehe.
    Age that comes with living in UTP all through these 5 years 🙂
    Glad that you came with me. And I’ve always enjoyed our little trips.

    May there be many more to come, perhaps featuring the Cow, Goat or the Chicken xD

  • Vern, reading this post makes me miss UTP so so much.. miss you, Tania, Mildred and all the others…

    Geez, I’m feeling really old as well now.. all my friends here now are mostly younger than me and till studying bachelors.. Some are even younger than u guys by two years.. sweatzzz…

    Anyway, miss you all, take care. and God bless.

  • Tania, I always like our little trips too. Always filled with funny talk. 😀 Hmm…what’s next? Daorae? Ask the Cow not to go back this weekend and we can have awesome Korean food. 🙂

    Audrey, we miss you too! You know what they say about mixing with people younger than you? You’ll feel younger too! 🙂 You’re not an old soul like me anyway…you’ll be just fine. 😉

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