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I’ve always been a sucker for cooking shows.  Even though I can’t cook to save a life (instant noodles and eggs don’t count), I often find myself mostly drawn to channels like Travel & Living and AFC (Asian Food Channel) whenever I do spend time with the telly. But since I hardly stay home long enough to finish an entire season of cooking competitions, I only pick up bits and pieces and has never really made effort to do any follow-up.

Until my namesake, Way Wen, returned from Melbourne and chucked me three seasons of Hell’s Kitchen that is now happily sitting on my desktop.

I watched an episode of Season 6 out of boredom, and within 3 days, I have finished the entire season.

Yes, to all HK addicts, I am indeed but a late bloomer.

What I actually like about the show is that it’s not run like other reality TV shows whereby decisions are made based on popularity votes. Contestants of the show have a say in every episode on who should stay or leave, while Gordon Ramsay, the man himself has the final word.  Random guest judges are invited throughout the series, which range from ordinary school children to world-renowned culinary experts – making all the contestants of the show, who are supposedly experts in their own field, seem like regular kitchen people with ordinary problems.  At least we know that even top chefs fail to cook their scallops from time to time.

And Gordon Ramsay is as real as he can get. Temper and humor – who doesn’t have that?

Two words: I’m hooked.

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