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Minutes After Midnight


They say timing is everything. Doesn’t matter what you did, or didn’t do – once you’ve passed the moment you’ll never get it back. It could be years from waiting, or just minutes after midnight – the clock ticks on and it is up to you to play your cards right.

It’s an everyday thing. Every 24 hours gives us new hope, new opportunities to be seized.

While most of the time I’ve been able to consider, filter and grasp the chances that come my way, sometimes I fail too. When many things happen at the same particular period of time, I cannot be at two places at once, let alone three.

Time isn’t God. Time has no feelings, no consideration. Time punishes everybody who doesn’t catch up. Time does not come back for you and gladly leaves the weak behind.

Time has no mercy, no grace.

Anger time, and suffer its consequences.  Taste its wrath lingering over your senses.  No one to blame but yourself.

I learned my lesson today. Some lessons we’ll learn over and over again. It’s like as if Someone’s trying to warn us to be cautious, to open our eyes and be humble.

Humble?  Yes. One needs to be humble to obey to laws of time.  Humility breeds obedience.

I’m a strong believer in this principle: If you want time, you have to make time.

Sometimes I tend to forget that.  I forgot yesterday.  Bad timing to forget.

I apologize. For missing out on that train. For making you think I left you to ride it alone. It was minutes after midnight, but it was too late.

‘Til next time, ’til next time.


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weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together