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I Learn from You, You Learn from Me.



“Kakak, can you please take a picture of me? Pleeeeeaaaaase?”




“I have a best friend.  His name is John.”


“Kakak, I found this very nice leaf over there.  I give it to you.”

You know one of those days when you’re absolutely drained, on the verge of losing your voice and at the end of it all you plonked onto the car seat with a silly big grin on your face while your heart strings are pulled in all sorts of directions?  Yeah, that was last Friday for me.

We taught those children how to play captain ball, and how to dance and sing to some songs.  In return, they taught us what it’s like to have a sad past and an insecure future.

They taught us how to live the present.

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weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together