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Phases of Faces



Everyone has a Spot.

You know, like a park bench, a corner, a hammock in the backyard, under the sheets or just the very spot we’re at right now.  It’s a place where we stop and let the World spin on its own for awhile.  Doesn’t matter how sociable we are, or how many friends we have, the Spot is usually a solitary place, a space for one.  Sometimes it’s black and white, sometimes it’s filled with colours.

But it’s always Safe, always Familiar.  And regardless of how crazy things are outside, everything makes Sense in the Spot.  Yet, at the same time, our Spot doesn’t always make Sense to others.

So they usually walk on by, leaving us unnoticed just as how we hardly notice them either. On Rare, special occasions, we do get a kindred Soul or two who stop by and take a seat next to us.  And even though they’re Strangers, they emit a certain kind of warmth that we wouldn’t mind sharing our Spot with them.

They don’t always stick around for too long, as Nice as they are.  Sometimes we become Friends, sometimes we become Lovers.  And sometimes we become Strangers all over again.  It’s a Funny cycle, both Happy and Sad at the same time.  One minute we could be having a jolly good time of Laughter, and the next we get that dose of awkward Silence.

However, people who do share those moments with us often leave very significant, permanent imprints in the Heart.  So that next time, if they do come back, our Heart welcomes them for their footprints are just about the right size.  It’s the Phases of Faces that leave lasting impressions deep within.

That’s when we look up, give Thanks and wish them well…

…and quietly observe the World from our little Spot once again.

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weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together