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Either Way, They’re Both Rubber.


Based on past experiences, I find that one of the biggest challenges in print design is package design.  It’s usually done as part of a re-branding process, so the designer would want to create a new outlook without compromising its identity, and hoping that it would make heads turn in consideration of purchasing the product.  Design a package isn’t just about the image or illustration.  It also involves the shape of the package, the ease of use, and perhaps the current trend now is to be as eco-friendly as possible too.

I was paying for my items at the cashier in a medical sundry shop the other day, and I noticed something peculiar about the shelf on my left.  There was a slightly more distinguished looking package arranged at the candy shelf.  I looked closer, and to my amusement, I bought a pack.  Tell me what you think it is at first glance:


Four out of five people I’ve asked, they all told me, “Why did you buy a pack of condoms?”

And this was after I’ve removed the outer plastic wrapper, which had extra description on it, one of them saying ‘Tingling Spearmint Sensation’.

The ‘Electro’ term was very helpful too, thank you.  And what the heck is “5” for?

Look a bit closer on that plastic wrapper and you’ll see a hardly visible dark grey text that spells out ‘Wrigley’s’.

Yes, if you haven’t caught it yet, the item above is a pack of chewing gum.

That looks quite similar to this:


The only reason I could make comparison with that pack of condoms is because once upon a time it almost became my assignment to redesign the product above.

I don’t know what the designers at Wrigley’s are trying to prove.  Is it part of a new marketing strategy?  I guess if it was, it’s working because they managed to convince me to purchase a pack of the chewing gum.  Taste-wise, they’re just your regular spearmint chewing gum that you’ve had yonks ago, wrapped in a cool, metallic green aluminum foil, all 12 sticks of them.

I can only imagine what would happen if someone was in a dire need to use some protection and accidentally grabbed that attractive pack of chewing gum…

…aw, shucks?

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