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Dear Mom,


When I look back, ever since I’ve started blogging I actually dedicate an entry to you every year on your birthday.  I am not the most expressive person, or daughter, but we both know there is something about writing that encourages me to say more.  This time, from the corner of my hostel back in campus, here’s what I want to say.

Mummy, you don’t get enough credit for the things you’ve done and for the person that you are.

We used to think and joke about how life would be for you if you hadn’t met Daddy.  For one, Ko and I wouldn’t be here today.  You were young (ok lah, still young somewhat), you had dreams, and you had everything in your possession to fulfill them.  You’re one gifted lady, you excelled in school and was given the opportunity to go overseas to further your studies, which was a rare feat for people of your generation.  But Grandpa would not allow it, so off you went into the working world instead.  Even then, in the work force, you were a blessing to many.

I enjoy listening to the stories you brought home from work.  I listen in admiration each time you spoke about how you solved the problems at work and how highly your boss thought of you.  I loved visiting you at your office because I saw people respecting you, and constantly sought you for advice.  You were the one who taught me how to use the computer, all my Excel and Word skills that my friends are impressed by came from you.  Because of you, I wasn’t afraid to explore new things on my own – I was assured that the computer would not blow up if I pressed the wrong key.

And even when you’re home, you’re a First Class Mom.  As your children we mostly get what we want, but we were also taught by you on how to earn the things we yearn for.  There are times when you would be very strict and disallow us from getting something we want, but whenever it’s something we need – you will never hesitate nor think twice.  Even if it’s tight on your pocket.

You also have the ability to detect something amiss even when we don’t say anything.  I could never tell a lie (because you’d detect it immediately), and because of that I gave up telling lies entirely.  Like you, I treasure honesty the most in any relationship.

You’re also always concerned that I may be shortchanged by the people around me.  But I think sometimes you’re not given your fair share of the pie too.  You always give, but you seldom take.  Your life has been dedicated to your husband and children, but I know that you still have dreams you’d want to fulfill, if possible.  And I know that if you set out for it, even now, you’ll achieve it – because that’s who you are, you’re a fighter, a lover, a giver, an intellect all rolled into one.

You’re my Supermom.

And no one makes apple crumble pie the way you do.

Mummy, I love you, and Happy Birthday.

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  • Awww……Vern, you’re such a darling daughter! I’m so touched by your writing and I’m sure your mum would too.

    To Vern’s mum: A very happy and blessed birthday to you and may the love your husband and children have for you continue to grow abundantly and endlessly.

  • My darling daughter,

    As I have said before and I will say again, YOU ARE MY BLESSING! And you are greatly prejudiced. I am not the ‘First Class Mom’ you so say about me. I have deeply messed up my parental duties just that somehow by God’s grace you turned out so fine! So we have to thank Him up there. Age is creeping up on me – no more strength to chase dreams, if any. I am contented to see you children achieve your dreams. And my wish for my birthday would be exactly that ‘for you children to achieve your dreams, your ambitions and be truly happy always.’

    To Yik Chieng, Ilene and all vern’s friends, uni-mates, classmates who took the time to text me, call me,emailed me with Birthday Greetings and Good Wishes a very big THANK YOU to all of you and MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU WITH GOOD HEALTH AND HAPPINESS ALWAYS.

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