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The Weekend That Was

Here’s some overdue stuff.
Location: Kellie’s Castle, Coffee Bean, TGV, Michaelangelo’s, the crowded mind.

you fall off a cliff,
and life hits you in the face
when the right people leave
at the wrong moments.

But Zwei was right,
we don’t focus enough on the good stuff.
Like how funny it is
when random people
reminds us of the right things
at the right moments,
and become the right people along the way. READ MORE

Hush, The World’s Watching You.

Every morning, I put on the jug kettle to boil some water for coffee.  Normally, there will be plenty of water left sitting in the jug after I’ve made my portion of magic potion.  Most of the time I’d throw the water away the next morning and boil a fresh round.  After all, I prefer drinking distilled water from the dispensing machine.  The funny thing is, nowadays the jug kettle is empty every morning.  I don’t think evaporation happens that fast in a closed container either.  Another weird thing is that each time I leave my dirty cup on the sink to be soaked, it’s cleaned the next time I check on it.  Every. Single. Time. READ MORE

Phases of Faces

Everyone has a Spot.
You know, like a park bench, a corner, a hammock in the backyard, under the sheets or just the very spot we’re at right now.  It’s a place where we stop and let the World spin on its own for awhile.  Doesn’t matter how sociable we are, or how many friends we have, the Spot is usually a solitary place, a space for one.  Sometimes it’s black and white, sometimes it’s filled with colours. READ MORE

Dear Mom,

When I look back, ever since I’ve started blogging I actually dedicate an entry to you every year on your birthday.  I am not the most expressive person, or daughter, but we both know there is something about writing that encourages me to say more.  This time, from the corner of my hostel back in campus, here’s what I want to say.
Mummy, you don’t get enough credit for the things you’ve done and for the person that you are. READ MORE

Either Way, They’re Both Rubber.

Based on past experiences, I find that one of the biggest challenges in print design is package design.  It’s usually done as part of a re-branding process, so the designer would want to create a new outlook without compromising its identity, and hoping that it would make heads turn in consideration of purchasing the product.  Design a package isn’t just about the image or illustration.  It also involves the shape of the package, the ease of use, and perhaps the current trend now is to be as eco-friendly as possible too. READ MORE

Growing Up is Optional

Coming back to campus as a Final Year student is like a little customized paradigm shift – there was not much science involved, but merely a switch of responsibilities.  I’m now forced to exercise a skill I excel pathetically in: decision-making.
But The Child is learning, the child is learning.
I was at Popular’s bookstore and I stumbled upon two kinds of white manila cardboard.  They were similar, but their surfaces were slightly different.  So there I was, staring at two white blank sheets that look almost alike, wondering which to pick. READ MORE

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together