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Hold On To That Speed of Light – Part 1


After a series of events such as the H1N1 epidemic, a crazy (and wet) surprise birthday visit at one of the most unpopular locations, a carefully-planned and executed church anniversary, a friend’s wedding, a stretch of assignments and tests and the grueling group project, I thought the 5th semester would never end.

As I was preparing myself for the final examinations, a good friend sent me an email.

Part of the note read:

“I should’ve been aware the hour of your internship is approaching.
It just hit me like a brick on my head when you mentioned it.”

When I read that, I think the same brick fell on my lap.  My heart was in a weird limbo.  It was a like partying in a sinking ship.  Excitement and sadness mixed like a bad cocktail.

A big part of me was really looking forward to spending the next eight months away from university.  No more lousy internet, quizzes, tests, exams, boring repetitive food, long drives just to get to civilization — heck, there was almost no problem to leave this very place!


…I’ve begun to like it a little bit more.


Unknowingly, I have learned to carve my own little comfort zone in a foreign place for the past 3 years and a half.  It’s far from a perfect place, but this is where I learned more about myself, what I wanted out of my own life, and fostered new friendships that I know would last for a long time.  The people that I have come to know and love have made this journey easier for me.  I actually have days where I’d wake up just looking forward to spending time with them.

Leaving the familiar faces –  my Saturday coffee & pillow talk buddy, movie nights with my girlfriends,  random outings with my course mates, jamming with my church friends and the stress of studying for the next eight months seemed impossible.  The creature of habit in me started to feel the slight discomfort of having to adapt to my next destination.

I laugh each time I think about the irony.

Because my next stop was none other than my very own home.

It’s like being on a road trip in a car you don’t particularly fancy.  You adjust the air conditioning, your seat and put on some good music to make yourself as comfortable as possible.  After all, you’re in for a long ride.  You initially planned to arrive at your destination, wherever it may be, alone, safe and sound, just as you have promised your loved ones.  Along the way you pick up a stranger or two, and become really good friends.  You discover one another, you discover more about yourself too.  You get accustomed to your passengers, become familiar with all the road signs and become braver for those you have yet to see.  Just as you are about to make a mini caravan out of your little ride, you’ve reached your destination.

Just like I thought the semester wouldn’t end, it did.

It was time to part ways for awhile, to park that car and take on a new, familiar town.

(End of Part 1)

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  • Life is all about changes and adapting to it darling….aren’t you glad your training is coming to an end soon? BTW, your blog is cool =)

  • Cheryl, thankies! =) Yup, life’s full of changes — sometimes a little overwhelming, but that’s what it’s all about right? I’m semi-glad that my internship is ending soon, mostly because I’ve JUST gotten used to this place again. And I’ve made a few awesome new friends like you! =)

    aL, I miss you too. See you soonies! =)

  • Reading this and the part 2 later on very much reminded me of myself couple of years back.

    That was the exact same thing I felt and reading your post now humbles me. It was a long journey on the road not taken.

    Thanks for such wonderful thoughts and I’m sure you have really enjoyed this “long” 8 months back home. This learning and growing continues – it’s gonna be a longer road ahead and with the pace you’re at, it’s gonna be a helluva exciting ride!

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