Calm Before a Storm


An hour ago, the sky showed small patches of dark clouds.  Half an hour later, it felt as if a giant UFO was hovering over us.  I peered outside, and I smiled.  The smell of rain blissfully entered my nostrils as strong wind began to blow the clothes that are hanging on balconies.

Most people are afraid of storms.  Some dread the rain.

For me, I await both in anticipation.

It’s Nature’s way of telling us that something big is happening, and it’s happening really soon.  If you have loved Nature enough, you would await its majestic presence.  If you haven’t, you would fear its fury.

What people don’t realize is that, as calm as it is before a storm, it is just as serene after.

And life continues to roll, because it has never stopped.

5 Replies to “Calm Before a Storm”

  1. Kenny, as obvious as it is, we sometimes forget. 😉

    Liz, apasal didn’t finish the lyrics? Hahaha! I’m great, Liz, never been better. I hope you’re doing great at your side too.

    Ilene, aih… paiseh.. thank you thank you…. 🙂

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