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Back To Basics


Today’s a Friday, long lunch break.  That’s why I’m here typing.

It’s been almost a month that I’ve boycotted social networking apps, and redundant internet surfing.

You don’t know how hard that is.

Life without MSN, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, Howstuffworkz, Ted.com, Youtube, and even blog-hopping… it’s like having a hundred itches on your body that you can’t reach.

It’s like curing an addiction.

I wouldn’t say I gave up internet completely, I still respond to certain emails regarding work – and like today, take a minute to jot a thing or two here.  And also to inform everybody else that I’m pretty much still alive.

I’m just in the midst of fasting & praying.


It’s a spiritual thing, and I’m giving up certain things temporarily and focusing more on my faith.  Those who aren’t familiar with this concept may find it weird, or even stupid but I assure you… giving up poking, nudging, and tweeting is harder than it looks.

And that’s just one part of it.  I’ll leave the details out.

So what do I do?  I’m still pretty much on the computer, but merely for work purposes.  I put my entire focus into what I do, get them done quick and right, and then I turn the PC off.

What next?  At first, I really had a hard time figuring out what I should do.  Lately, I’ve been doing more reading, writing, and occasionally watch a bit more TV – which means spending time with my family outside of my room.  I think mom doesn’t think it’s often enough yet, but I’ve just been a bit more occupied reorganizing The Kooky Jar sites so sometimes I do get carried away and lose track of time.

I spend more time outdoors too, with basketball and running.  On Sunday evenings I play a good game of captain ball with my church mates.  And on random evenings, I hop downstairs to have chit chat and tea with my good neighbors and their cat.

And intern life has been quite tiring.  Nowadays, I find myself hitting the pillow just as it strikes 12.  Yeah, I’m 21 and I sleep early.  But I do ensure that every waking hour is spent efficiently.  It’s not the quantity, it’s about quality.

Before I go to bed, I spend a good solid time with God, or at least I try to.

And along the way, being the thinker that I am, I filter away the stuff that aren’t worth spending time thinking about.  There’s a fine fine line between being a good thinker, and someone who is just addicted to thoughts – good and bad.  I’m trying to be the first, because more often that not we’re usually the latter.

Just like how we troubleshoot problems in the factory, I’m learning to set certain things in my life back to default after a series of too much tweaking and experimenting.  And then slowly improvise from the basic settings once again.  We don’t have a Ctrl+Alt+Del thing that does the job in a few seconds.

It’s a longer process. Time-wise, sanity-wise.

Just like how a Friday lunch break feels really long when you’ve finished writing this long entry and the office is still pretty much empty.   =)

I should pop back some time in April.

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