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Who Would Imagine A King?


As I reached the ground floor to proceed to the car park, I could not help but feel the unusual cool morning breeze and it made me smile to myself. It was just another working day, albeit the last one of the year – but in my mind, I was not thinking about deadlines, nor projects.

In my little crowded mind, I was only thinking about tomorrow.


It was the busiest time ever up in the factory. Top-of-the-class engineers were hustling and bustling, as though preparing for something big. Through the holy grapevine, it was said that Someone had issued Code 7.0, and everyone were on their toes, eagerly waiting for instructions.

“I’m so excited! We’ve waited for months and now it’s finally happening!”
“Do you think it’ll work? It’s rather ordinary, isn’t it?”
“This is the best we’ve got. If this doesn’t work out, I’m not sure what will.”
“I hope Someone knows what he’s doing.”

Those were among the hush hush that was going around the factory all day. A shy engineer, rather small in size and went by the name of Chip, sneaked carefully into the headquarters. He knocked on Someone’s door three times and paused for a second, and with a rather squeaky voice, he asked,

“Excuse me, Sir. But I do not understand your intentions. This is your most precious possession, yet we all know a tragic ending awaits. Why would you make such a call?”


I got into the car, and played one of my favourite CDs. Slowly, I reversed the car and drove past the guard house. I observed the people on the large field outside of my house. Quite a number of them were taking their morning walks, kids at the basketball court, some were walking their dogs.

I wondered, “Do they feel it too?”


The door opened slowly without a sound. Chip tried to see, but the blinding light made him cover his eyes. Suddenly, the light started to dim, and as Chip opened his eyes to see, he saw the ground before him melting away, and he quickly stepped back for fear of falling off. A deep, gentle voice spoke.

“Do not be afraid. Look.”

Chip peered over and saw tiny people below very unlike him. They were wearing different kinds of clothes, and unlike the factory, they were all using primitive technology. He looked closer, and saw those tiny people fighting with one another. Some were stealing, and some were left to be stolen from. Some were having their fill more than they can contain, while some were left without any. ‘What kind of a place is this?’ Chip thought. He did not remember saying it out loud, but that deep voice spoke again.

“This is a place I have created. A home for those tiny people you see.”

“But this place is filled with chaos! I don’t remember our experiments failing. We created perfect beings, destined for great things. This is wrong, this is wrong… What have we done?” Chip uttered those words as he shook his head in disappointment.

“This is not an experiment, dear Chip. This is life. Nothing went wrong during production, everyone is created in my image, manufactured uniquely different from one another.”

“Then what happened?” Chip did not understand.

“I gave them freewill.” The deep voice answered.

“Why don’t you take it back then?  You have created billions of stars, gave each a name, decorated the universe with wondrous majestic galaxies, each one magnifying the power of the heavens. Why are you wasting time on this…spec of dust?”

“I am not bounded by time, Chip. I will not give up on this…spec of dust, which by the way, is called Earth. ”

“But why, Sir? Why?” Chip still, could not comprehend.

“One reason, Chip, and only one reason.”

“What is it, Sir?”



I put my bag on my desk, and greeted my colleagues cheerfully.  For some, it’s their last day of internship.  About half of them are leaving, while the rest of us will continue to stay and greet the next batch.

“Let’s go for breakfast at the canteen.”

I wasn’t very hungry, I already had a slice of bread before I came – but since I won’t be seeing these guys anymore after today, I decided to tag along.  I have only known these people for 4 weeks, but for some, I feel like I’ve known them forever.  It takes me awhile to warm up to people, but they made it easy for me.  I looked at the interns who will be with me for the next six months – we have our differences, but given time and understanding, I don’t think it’s hard to love them.


The innocent cry of a babe melted the hearts of the engineers in the factory.  Such delicate planning, precise manufacturing – there will never be one like him again.  Some cried at the thought of the fate that would soon befall upon this child, but the birth of this bright morning star was a day to be remembered.  The day Someone sent his one and only son to save the tiny people he so loved.  A name that will be remembered and praised for centuries to come.  As Chip watched the tiny babe being carried by the tiny people, how similar yet how special he was and would be, he fell to his knees and cried.

Who are we that you are mindful of us?

Someone continued to give the tiny people free will.  But he also added a choice of salvation.


As we walked back from the canteen, I took a glance at the koi pond near the entrance of the lobby.  Each koi had a different pattern on their body, an identity just like the billions of stars in the universe – and us.  DNA, fingerprints, every detail down to the last cell of our body.  Man can replicate everything they see – but we can never create life from scratch.

Before we were born, we were already known by our names.

Before we were known by the world, we were already loved.

Before we make mistakes, we were already offered redemption.

Before we are made to make difficult decisions, we were given free will.

Before everything, Someone already knew.

And Someone knew what He was doing.

Merry Christmas everybody, and a blessed New Year ahead.

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  • May I add something?

    “One reason, Chip, and only one reason.”

    “What is it, Sir?”

    “Love. ** For all those who’ve been searching for it in the wrong places, and never being able to find what they want. **”

    Happy Jesus Day.

  • hmm, I’m looking for a suitable place to post my new year wishes on this gorgeous-sleek-awesome-cool-impressive site to a wonderful sister I know, who is also the multi-talented owner of this gorgeous-sleek-awesome-cool-impressive site:) this piece fits the picture.

    Happy New Year, vern! 🙂

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