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An Open Letter to Dato’ Lee Chong Wei & Dato’ Nicol David

Dear Chong Wei and Nicol,
I play a little bit of badminton, and I know nothing about squash, which I think that holds true for many Malaysians. We know in reality that badminton has always been the more popular sport, and sometimes a loss in badminton is sung louder than a win in squash.
But we also know, though we often forget, that both of you have the same burden on your shoulders. Each time you don your sponsored gears and make your way into the arena, the weight of our national flag rests on you. And that weight is far heavier than the grams you carry in your racquets, and the results are louder than the cries of your fans. READ MORE

Bring Us Home Once More, MAS.

I was an airlines kid. To be specific, I was a MAS kid. My dad worked with the national carrier as a cashier (or an accountant without the degree, we like to call it), and I spent a lot of time (well, a lot more than kids my age back then) prancing around the Penang airport, slurping root beer from the old A&W outlet and playing with colorful plastic balls in KFC. READ MORE

“Make sure you be careful ah…”

That was the phrase my dad would always use every time he finds out I’m going for new adventures, trying a new sport or rekindling an old one. Heck, he says that each time I leave the house, and over the phone when I’m out.
Most of my friends would know my love for basketball, but not many would know that badminton was the first sport that I took up quite seriously when I was a little kid. Driven by heroes like Foo Kok Keong and Rashid Sidek, my evenings were normally spent playng badminton with my dad and brother at the compound of my paternal grandmother’s house. I’ve even lost count the number of times the shuttlecock would end up on the roof or get caught in the branches of our majestic rambutan tree. READ MORE

Sweet Omelette

Bro: I’m going out for awhile, okay? Going to go get some stuff to cook for brunch.
Me: Want me to go with you?
Bro: You want to come? Yeah, sure!
Me: You sure there aren’t any decent grocers nearby? I see a lot of shoplots.
Bro: Yeah, I’m thinking of the same thing. There has to be at least one somewhere. Let’s go search.
–Half hour later–
Me: Really none wo… READ MORE

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