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Life in Slow Motion


Wake up, slowly. Breathe, and thank God it’s another beautiful day.

It’s Saturday. I wake up surprised that it’s already 10.30am. I thought I set it for 9, but I didn’t hear my alarm. I check it again, and realize that I have set it wrongly. But that’s okay, I’m in no hurry today.

I laze around a little bit more, a luxury I rarely have – get out of bed and wash up. “I need to fix a water heater”, I keep telling myself so I don’t spend so much time just trying to get into shower. But it’s a good sign because it means the day is cool. I whistle a tune as I step out of shower, and took my time to pick something simple to wear.

It’s okay to run errands. Smile. Someone else is working on the weekend.

The mosque nearby is having an open day at noon, so I decide to go out before the area gets too crowded. I visit my regular launderette, who seems to be happier each time I see her. We don’t say anything, we didn’t have to. She knows I just want my work clothes cleaned and pressed and the rest of my clothes cleaned and folded neatly and put into my green shopping bag. And I always get them back the next day.

After laundry, it’s time for a nice brunch – a nice treat, maybe. I step into this quiet restaurant, choose a seat by the window and immediately feel at home with Stacey Kent serenading me in the background. Everybody loves the boy from Ipanema, don’t they?

Eat, eat heartily. Listen to your body, she will tell you what she needs. Chew. Savour.

I order the catch of the day – I like my seafood and greens – followed by a flat white accompanied with biscotti. I look around and there aren’t many people here, even at peak hours. But those who are here, we share the same thing. We’re taking our own sweet time enjoying our food, quiet time with or without our loved ones. The only person who was up and running on his feet is the waiter who seem to be very eager to serve everyone he sees. He’s not very good at the menu yet, but he’s definitely enthusiastic about his job.

Be good, be better. You’ll only like the things you’re good at. You’ll only be happy liking the things you do. It’s a vicious circle.

After a nice meal, I take out a some of the articles I have to read for work. No, it’s not a spoiler. Not to me, at least. I don’t have to do this, but I want to. It’s just part of being better, and liking what you do. Money doesn’t come easy. Doesn’t matter if you’re filthy rich – at one point in your life, it didn’t come easy.

Think of the people and things you often take for granted. Don’t do it anymore.

I think about my loved ones. I don’t feel lonely even though they’re not here with me at the moment. Because when they are, I try to make it count. It’s better than having everyone around all the time but you don’t connect at all. It’s okay to be apart, especially if space is what you need. I’m not very good at it yet, but I’m trying. But know the difference of being away, and being a stranger. I think about Paul. Paul is my car. I thank God for my folks. And I thank God for Paul.

Let the world spin on its own for a day. Really, she’ll be okay.

Then I take my notebook out. And I write. And I write for the day.


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