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Friday Too Soon


It’s 7.15 in the morning and I’m peeved with the foggy windshield I start my journey with every single morning. Wipe once, the fog comes back. Another time, same thing. It takes several rounds of wiping before it completely goes away, no thanks to the cool morning that also makes it difficult for me to get out of bed. This morning, the foggy windshield irks me more than usual. I can’t stop thinking about it even as I enter the office and the first thing I type into Google is “how to prevent windshields from fogging up”. Wind down the windows, stupid, Google yelled at me in mockery – well, at least it will irk me no more.

8.15am and I spilled half of my bottle of water onto the desk, I can only thank God it isn’t the coffee I haven’t made yet. Some papers got wet, and I run to the washroom to grab enough paper towels in time to stop the water from flowing to other places. I think about my friends who went for our usual Chinese New Year gathering back in Penang last night, I miss them. And in this new, mundane working life, I miss them even more.

“yo morning” goes my instant messenger. My brother wants to know what time I get off work, and tells me he’ll wait for me to go over to his place so we can complete our rounds of visiting our uncle and aunt in this festive season.  Hitting the city during the weekends seem like a waste of time without a proper agenda. What should I do after I’ve dropped my brother off to catch his flight on Saturday morning? Maybe I could start my day with a quiet breakfast, do a bit of reading, and a little bit of shopping while waiting to meet a friend for lunch. Yeah, I could do that. Then grab the things I need and head back home. Sunday can remain spontaneous.

It’s 9.00am, and I think more people are getting into the office. I never know because I’m cooped in my own office with another colleague who always gets in earlier than me. We’re the only two people in this spacious room, with two more cubicles remaining to be filled. My papers should be dry now, I need to study them thoroughly. Yeah, I can start now, they’re dry enough. I can start now.


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  • We’ll have some good food and fun tonight.

    Tomorrow morning let’s be up early for breakfast and then you can drop me off to catch the flight.

    The entire house is yours – do some laps in the pool or just simply hit the gym.

    See you in a bit…and please drive safe…:)

  • Go explore the city with new eyes. I recall my friend in HK who was always working, working, working. Yet on certain days, she’d go out and check out places she never would have gone into. And found some truly interesting characters and shops. Enjoy this new city and be a true resident – of course the jams may irk to no end but exploration does not need to be far far away. Happy Dragon Year, little dragon!

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together