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Once in awhile, my research partner and I like to talk about God, and take a jab at the few things about organized religion that we can’t stand. He’s a more logical person, and has lost all passion for religion a few years ago. While we have many different opinions about things (we talk about Darwin’s theory, Nietzsche’s philosophy, etc), there was something I shared that he couldn’t help but agree with me. I said something along these lines,

“Apart from being an engineering student and all-things logic, here’s also my point of view as an amateur designer who appreciates details in art. There are days when I lose that bit of faith too, especially when things go wrong, and some intellectual discussions do sometimes lead me to wonder about God’s existence.

Then I take a look outside, and I’m reassured again. I take a look at nature, and I look at the different sizes of trees and their leaves, the color of the sky, and I don’t think mere particles without imagination could form itself into such perfection. Everything, just falls into place.

This is a work of a designer. The ultimate designer of a very, very grand design. How can you look at these things and not believe that behind them all is a Creator?”

He laughed and exclaimed,

“You are right! I absolutely agree with you. I don’t believe in religion but yes, most of the time I do believe that there is something bigger, that there is a God.”

One of my closest friend once shared with me that he doesn’t believe in the existence of a Creator, and most probably because he hasn’t received that kind of faith.

Faith isn’t something that we are given. It sprouts from belief. We all believe in something, don’t we? We believe that there’s 60 seconds in every minute because people have set it that way and owning a watch has kept us from a lot of trouble. But when that kind of belief is stretched beyond its limit of imagination, it morphs into faith. It’s not about receiving it, it’s about being ready to acknowledge and trust in its existence.

Hawking’s theory of the Big Bang is not flawed.

Because I believe that when the universe was created, indeed, it was a fairly large bang.

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