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The Broken Hairband


Have you ever had that moment when you realize, “I’ve had enough. It’s time to make a change.” ?

Sometimes it’s so easy to fall into the trap of self-pity, whereby we blame others and everything else in the world for the things that didn’t go our way. Note that I used the phrase “didn’t go our way” instead of the usual “wrong” because what seems wrong to us, does not necessarily mean the same to others. Or maybe what we wanted was actually wrong, and the diversion rectified the mistakes we made. Makes sense?

For me, it took a broken hairband to remind me that it’s time to rise above and get my head into the game. For the past few weeks my hair has grown longer and somewhat unmanageable in this crazy hot-then-cold weather. Today, just like every other day I was struggling to keep my hair tidy, and for the past few days I had been contemplating whether to get a haircut. Yes, when half the world is still dealing with starvation and poverty, I deal with petty things like deciding on what to do with my hair. When my faithful hairband snapped into half I knew that the attempt to grow long hair isn’t for me, at least not this time.

This was more than a haircut, though. Almost half a year has gone by, and this is probably one of the years whereby I learned a lot about myself. Most of the time, I pay a lot of attention to the people around me, but this time around, it was more of a journey of self-discovery.

I made more decisions that I have ever made in the years before – some were spot-on, while others remind me that I still have a long way to go. It was so easy to give thanks when everything went well, and it was just as easy to be bitter and angry when they didn’t.

We don’t normally look up to Hollywood stars for advice on life, but there is one rule that I have been using ever since the first time I heard about it (which I don’t quite remember when). The “Jennifer Aniston Rule”.

We all know Jennifer Aniston. And we all know she used to date Brad Pitt. And then they broke up. It wasn’t easy to lose one of the sexiest man in Hollywood, but she wasn’t going to let the break up affect her too much.  So she made a rule for herself: she would allow herself to grief, wallow in all the self-pity she wants, only for a span of 24 hours.  And then life goes on.  That’s the rule.

I apply that rule for all the setbacks I encounter. Depending on its severity, sometimes 24 hours isn’t enough. But it’s a personal promise to get my butt from the ground, and back onto my own two feet. Recently I’ve had a few bad days, but when my hairband snapped, I knew I’ve had enough.

[pullquote-right]“When we believe that everything happens for a Reason, we have Hope.”[/pullquote-right]Today is the first day of my final semester of my final year. And it was time to shake certain things of and get back on track. No more worrying about things I cannot control, and continue to have faith that everything will fall into place eventually. It’s somehow easier for me because I choose to believe that God is in better control of things and because of that, I have Hope.

I found myself sketching last night as I spent a little quiet time with God.


When we believe that everything happens for a Reason, we have Hope.

Like my hairband.

It once served its purpose to keep my hair together.
And its demise reminded me what I needed to do to pull myself together.

With Hope, everything will be alright.


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  • Everything happens for a reason… and by God’s grace helps us to move on with a humble heart and a better ability to comfort others in the same way God comforts and encourages us, even if its just to let them know, its okay for the hairband to to have a decent burial ;o)

    Always remember that our security is in the Lord, and we can do all things through HIm who loves us, even giving away our personal rights, if that means glorifying Him. Ultimately you will be honoured in His time!

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