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RoadTrip Series: Post Thoughts


Initially, I had a lot to say.

Like how we got together in the first place.
Or how we stole hundreds of song from our current favourite cafeteria.
Where we decided to hunt for RoadTrip T-shirts.
How the combination of Tania and Mildred neutralizes Eddy and myself.
How Tania stole my blanket in the middle of the night.  And Eddy too.
Or when we were too tired to entertain one another.
How we got addicted to Monopoly Deal.
How the two girls were always sleeping at the back of the car in the weirdest fashion.
How we’d sing songs out-of-tune deliberately,
and mumble to the parts where we don’t know the lyrics.
Eddy’s endless (failed) magic trick attempts.
How we named our car T-reX, and our GPS navigator Gloria Penelope Senorita.
When we walked in the rain just to find chocolate sauce for our strawberries. ..

…I could go on all day.



But all in all, I just want to say,

I wouldn’t trade them for the world.


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  • Sounds like so much fun! Memories like these will stay on forever. I love the idea of a road trip. If you can travel with these friends, you can do anything with them. There’s a bond that’s unbreakable. I know you are busy these days but I love the idea that you know when it is time to chill, it is time to chill. 😉

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together