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Hold On To That Speed of Light – Finale



“This is your last week?  You’re leaving us already?”

After 8 months of industrial training I’ve become quite acquainted with the receptionist who once kind of intimidated me.  We continued to chat a little, with her asking me about my future plans like everyone else did.

Everyone was packing, even the permanent employees.  The company was undergoing some renovation and everyone had to be shifted to a temporary space.  Coincidentally, the packing day was the same day as my last – so it kind of added some dramatic effect to my exit.  Boxes everywhere, and I was helping my supervisor filter the things he no longer needed.

I realized I have to start filtering certain things in my life too.  I’ve managed to come up with one main item.


Who doesn’t have them?  When it comes to worries, I believe there are two kinds of people.  Let’s say the sky is falling.  The first group would choose to spend whatever remaining time left as best as they can, while the other will try to stop the sky from falling.  I used to be the latter.  Until I got to know God better.  There is no point getting all stressed up in things that I cannot control – other people’s thoughts & preferences, the past, circumstances, etc.

Because in these eight months, one truth I have come to learn and trust, is that no matter how screwed up things are at a particular moment that it feels like it’s the end of the world, it really isn’t the end until it’s okay.  I like this phrase that I tell myself from time to time, “Everything’s going to be alright,” even when I lack the faith to believe.

And every single time, everything does turn out alright.  Because Someone makes sure they do.

So worries aside, put more focus into things that are more worthy of my precious time.

I remember when my university supervisor handed me my certificate of completion of my industrial training and it dawned upon me that eight months have come and gone so fast.  Yet, some days it felt like it would never end.  The notion of leaving the work force and becoming a student was somewhat liberating but deep inside, I know this ‘student’ has changed.  I’m sure most of my unimates would have experienced some kind of transformation too.

And whatever those changes are, I only have two words to say to them:  Bring it.

To sum things up, here’s a piece of conversation I had during my exit interview.

“So Wei Vern, when you leave, you have to return two things:  your car stickers and your badge.”

Can I at least keep my badge?

“Nope, you can’t.”


“Sorry lah, cannot.”

But I want something to keep as a memoir.

Then he said something I’ll never forget:

“You’ve spent eight months here.  I think you’ll remember this for a long time to come.
And some things, you just have to let it close nicely and then move on.
You’re meant for bigger things.”

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