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Nice View, Nice People



Room 1511.  Being a local and staying in a hotel seemed like an odd thing.  I rang the doorbell.


I was greeted by a bunch of cheerful, familiar faces – some expecting me while some were half-surprised.

“We’re staying at Room 1510.  Let’s go.”

The room was pleasant – the view was spectacular.  Made a new friend, and I decided that I like my roommates.


“Is it drizzling?”

It does feel like it.  Seems like it’s raining on the other side and it’s going to come to our side.

“Verny the weather forecast.”

I brought boardgames just in case we’d be stuck indoors.


Verny the weather forecast was wrong.  The drizzle stopped and within minutes we were outside basking in the breezy weather, all set to have some fun.  Buckets, water guns, umbrellas – it was funny to see adults acting like kids.

I looked to the sky and thought about my failed prediction.  I smiled.

‘O ye of little faith…’

The boardgames remained in the car, and I was fine with that.


“Hey, let’s play a game of Pepsi Cola!”

Pepsi Cola?  You guys know Pepsi Cola?  I thought we belonged in different generations!  Having not played that game in years, it was really nice to kick some sand and legs in the funniest ways.  There were all kinds of poses and styles, laughters and shouts as we continued to fill our pockets with sand.


I looked up and saw people flying.  And I wondered the same thing I’ve always wondered each time I see it; how would it feel like to fly without strings tied to you?  It must feel awesome.

I think Superman would agree with me.


“Do you want to sit?”

“Actually I like standing.”

So we stood.  And we talked and talked.  About things that matters most to our hearts.

We spoke until the clock struck midnight.  As if we were abiding Cinderella’s time, we decided to turn in.


“Good morning.”

It was another dear friend sitting at the balcony, admiring sunrise.  There is an unspoken understanding between us when it comes to sunrise and sunsets.  One that tells us that everything is alright, and even if it doesn’t seem so, it will be.

In other words, it was hope.

“Just keep me where the light is
C’mon keep me where the light is…”
John Mayer, ‘Gravity’

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