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It’s a Mad Annual Thing We Do


The air was humid, and there was a weird smell coming from a few feet away from me.

I thought about a friend’s white-water rafting-bungee jumping-abseiling mission today and I concluded that this was the same level of craziness, just in a different dimension.

My mom and I walked closely, not wanting to lose sight of one another because back-trafficking would cause a disaster.  This was not a place to run around or hop to whichever corner we want.  There was a strong current coming from every direction we could possibly imagine, pushing and shoving us to unwanted places if we weren’t careful.  From time to time I had to check with my mom if she was okay, if she was feeling dizzy yet.  Where we were wasn’t the best place to have weak knees or pass out.  We’d be trampled over.

Welcome to Penang’s 2010 PIKOM PC Fair at the Penang International Sports Arena.  The Pit of Many Many People.


Regardless of how many times I’ve been to PC Fair, I cannot understand how the organizers plan the placement of booths.  For instance, walk through the outer ring of the fair, and you will encounter an ENTIRE row of broadband providers. They probably have the most promoters.  More than the customers.  It’s like if you visit the booth and you don’t subscribe to their service you might be beaten to death and nobody would notice.  Even if you walk out of it alive, you’d be traumatized.

Perhaps the most bizarre zone of all is the Audio zone.  Left, right, center – you get booths of different sound system brands blasting their speakers as loud as possible, as if that would help customers differentiate whose is better.  What IS the damn point of putting every brand together when all the customers want is to distinguish its sound?  Loud does not mean quality.  Loud, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, is headache and noise pollution.

The sad part is, they made the traffic one-way.  Which means we had to pass EVERY single booth whether we liked it or not.

As we entered the inner section, my mom sat by one of the seats to do a bit of reading while I braced myself to enter the Pit of Many Many People.  More prepared this time, I printed the sitemap of the booths and went to look for the specific companies to get their best offers.  I find it irritating that in that sardine-packed crowd, some people actually manage to talk with elaborated hand gestures as if they had a lot of space around them, while some just stop in the middle of the traffic to stare at the price boards.  And one which I despise most of all, are those who actually bulldoze you out of the way, like you’re some kind of garbage lying in the middle of the street.

Oh, the things we do to satisfy our hunger for technology.

Staying true to my mission, I grabbed the lists I needed and got out of that Pit of Many Many People.  And I think it’s by divine appointment that I don’t have my wallet with me, so I didn’t stick around to buy the “little things” that I don’t actually need.

I’m trying to set up my own little PC.  So I was hunting for the best bargain I could get.

And guess what?  The best bargain didn’t come from the PC Fair.

Next time they should set up an online PC Fair.  Place your orders, and collect your items like a drive-thru thing.  Even speakers – because they way they were set up, it’s as good as not testing them anyway.

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  • “Loud, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, is headache and noise pollution.”


    Just a thought, if we could do everything online, no doubt it would be more convenient. No need to find parking summore… But I think we will lose human touch. Just like trading off markets and little sundry shops from hypermarkets.

    No one to ‘kai seow’ and haggle and flirt with 😉

  • totally agreeing on the audio section! =) bout good speakers, i just realised that only the good ones could play slow, instrumental songs and gives us goosebumps upon hearing them!

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