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Take It Easy


That’s Mushu.  My 3-month old pup.  And that’s how he takes his naps.  Sometimes he sleeps like a kangaroo, and sometimes he imitates my dad, front legs at the back of his head and hind legs crossed.

I took my first MC today, ever since I started my internship.  I woke up with a headache, stuffy nose and a sore throat.  As I stared in the mirror I hesitated if I should take a day off – all I was thinking about was to continue my MINITAB project at work.

The slight bout of fever that arose immediately confirmed my decision.

Back into my PJ’s, under the blanket I went and slept until noon.  Went to the doctor’s, got my meds, my MC, and went back to sleep again until evening.

Such is life when the sick bug bites.

This got me thinking about 2010.  What will the year be like?

People who know me would know that I’m a certified workaholic.  An engineering student/intern by day, a geek/web designer by night – sometimes until morning.  My weekends aren’t spared either.  Except for church and the occasional hang out with friends, I’m usually busy  solving and learning something new.

I foresee 2010 to be a year of a birth of new things.  A humble endeavor in business, to pick up new skills and brushing up old ones.  And hopefully, to reach a new level of maturity in faith.

And most importantly, to achieve a balance between work and play.  Falling sick on the 11th day of the new year isn’t fun at all – and watching Mushu sleep made me realize one tiny, significant thing.

It was as though he was saying, in his funny odd ways, “Take it easy, sister.”

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  • It’s strange that we should both touch on the topic of dogs simultaneously! 🙂

    I think with all your outdoor activities, you didn’t pay much attention to consuming much water. Vern, try to slow down a bit and learn how to relax. Your body has sent you the signal and it’s time for acknowledgement. Take care!

  • Christopher, haihhh… you sudah lari.. no one teach me MINITAB liao… must learn sendiri… sobs..

    Suan Mei, of course! When you get back, that is! 😉

    Ilene, I spent quite a vigorous day at the park on Sunday and now I’m aching all over….. 🙁

    Jane, yea wei… I miss him. He’s at my granny’s now.

    Kenny gor gor, fit as a fiddle now! I want to see the new house… 😀

    Joelle, you BETTER come visit. 🙂

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