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To The Highlands We Will Go

For a to-be 22 year old, I’ve been quite privileged to be able to travel and see several parts of the world.  I’ve been to Singapore, New Zealand, Beijing, Sydney and various places in the different states of East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan).
But I’ve never been to the places that everyone else has been to.  I’ve never stepped foot on Cameron Highlands and Genting Highlands in my entire life.  And according to my friend, “It’s time to pop those cherries.”  Haha! READ MORE

The Weekend That Was

Here’s some overdue stuff.
Location: Kellie’s Castle, Coffee Bean, TGV, Michaelangelo’s, the crowded mind.

you fall off a cliff,
and life hits you in the face
when the right people leave
at the wrong moments.

But Zwei was right,
we don’t focus enough on the good stuff.
Like how funny it is
when random people
reminds us of the right things
at the right moments,
and become the right people along the way. READ MORE

Moon River & Polo Ground @Ipoh, July 2010

Before my Sandakan trip I hung around Ipoh with Alexis before departing to KL for our flight.  Oh, we caught the World Cup Finals too.  She brought me to a couple of places I’ve never been before, namely Moon River (with Ann Nee) and the Polo Ground.  Here are a few more snapshots of the little places I never knew existed in this little town.

For friends who have me on Facebook, you can view more photos from this set here:
A Little Bit of Ipoh before the Sandakan Trip. READ MORE

Sandakan, July 2010

I was away for a week holiday at Sandakan, Sabah (yes, I hear some of you asking me already, what can you possibly do in Sandakan for one whole week?)  Whatever you’re guessing, you’re probably right.  There was nothing uber happening or crazy stuff to rock my socks off, but that wasn’t what I was looking for either.
I spent 6 full days immersed in the life of the sleepy town, visiting nature, getting soaked in the rain and capturing the bits and pieces of a place I’ve never been to before.  All in the comforts of warm hospitality (thank you Uncle David and Aunty Grace!) and a good friend (thanks, aLexis). READ MORE

The Art of Giving

There was one shot too much in my coffee.  Slightly more bitter than usual, I hardly consume more than two shots of caffeine.  But it didn’t matter, I had great company.
Buying coffee for a friend is a luxury.  Because it means there is someone who is willing to spend that extra time to talk about everything under the sky or even just silently sipping that dose of richness with you.  It can be an expensive treat, depending where you are, but it’s one of the best ways to cheat Time.  Although, Time isn’t fooled easily.  From one topic to another, next we found ourselves in her car waiting for my ride to go home. READ MORE

A Crabby Weekend

I was on a mission last weekend.  Was actually a tad lazy to post this but I am in the midst of clearing up my to-do list before Chinese New Year.  Anyway, I promised Krista I’d do a short review on this since she was the one who sent me on this mission in the first place.
Went to Ipoh for three reasons:

To deliver The Kooky Jar cookies
To see my dearly-missed friends
To find and taste the famous Bercham claypot crabs

Mission 1 & 2 were easy.  Mission 3, though, I had to cajole three other friends to navigate, drive and accompany me to this widely talked-about place.  All four of us in a Myvi, partially lost and partially hungry. READ MORE

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