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Back To Basics

Today’s a Friday, long lunch break.  That’s why I’m here typing.
It’s been almost a month that I’ve boycotted social networking apps, and redundant internet surfing.
You don’t know how hard that is.
Life without MSN, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, Howstuffworkz, Ted.com, Youtube, and even blog-hopping… it’s like having a hundred itches on your body that you can’t reach. READ MORE

Who Would Imagine A King?

As I reached the ground floor to proceed to the car park, I could not help but feel the unusual cool morning breeze and it made me smile to myself. It was just another working day, albeit the last one of the year – but in my mind, I was not thinking about deadlines, nor projects.
In my little crowded mind, I was only thinking about tomorrow.
It was the busiest time ever up in the factory. Top-of-the-class engineers were hustling and bustling, as though preparing for something big. Through the holy grapevine, it was said that Someone had issued Code 7.0, and everyone were on their toes, eagerly waiting for instructions. READ MORE

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together