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Pulau Perhentian, May 2013

“Aaahh...what you call watermelon in Malay?”
When you’re lucky, you get taxi drivers that try their best to keep you entertained throughout a long journey. I did my best to return the favour – and to keep myself awake after an early morning flight. It was another hour to the Kuala Besut jetty. READ MORE

Swimming in Kerteh…

…shows the conservativeness in the community. Teenage boys and older swim with wet shirts on, and the ladies have full one-piece swimsuits that covers the thighs and arms.  And majority of them were Chinese. I have no qualms about it, it’s just part of an observation.
It was a long day with a long walk under the hot sun in thick coveralls, and the moment I got back to the hotel, all I wanted was to jump straight into the swimming pool before all the kids join me for their late evening swim. It’s been awhile since I had a good swim, and being able to do a few laps was refreshing instead of tiring. READ MORE

A Well-Needed Saturday

“Let’s get a drink while we sit and watch the band play,” I suggest. You don’t find this back in Malaysia, where local artists are given full support, and free quality public live gigs out in the open. We’re talking about the Esplanade, and there’s a band that is doing an acoustic act, drawing the attention of a substantial crowd. This calls for a good drink and chit chat to complete the picture. READ MORE

Aroha Nui, Aotearoa – Part 2

Good morning, sunshine.
I hope it wasn’t too cold for you last night. Get up, get up, and grab some delicious breakfast from the local deli. These are mornings you actually remember to thank the Creator for. Your mom got fascinated by the array of bread and pastries arranged in those glass cabinets. You must take a photo of these, she said, we would want to pick an idea or two out of the arrangements next time. READ MORE

Aroha Nui, Aotearoa – Part 1

I greet you with the most beautiful snow-capped mountains you have only seen on postcards. You must have been puzzled because you were told that spring has sprung and your suitcase was not ready for winter. But awhile ago the captain announced that you have crossed halfway between the equator and the south pole. Have you miscalculated, you wondered, perhaps it won’t be so cold down there, you silently hoped. READ MORE

An Escape to Tekek Village, Pulau Tioman

It was a long journey – a long, long journey. Never mind the fact that we spent 8 hours on the road from UTP to the Mersing Jetty in Johore, we spent another 2 hours in the ferry just to get off the wrong stop, whereby we had to wait another 2 hours to hitch another ferry ride (extra RM20 gone) to get to our destination: Tekek Village, Pulau Tioman.
Click here for photos from our island escapade. READ MORE

RoadTrip Series: Post Thoughts

Initially, I had a lot to say.
Like how we got together in the first place.
Or how we stole hundreds of song from our current favourite cafeteria.
Where we decided to hunt for RoadTrip T-shirts.
How the combination of Tania and Mildred neutralizes Eddy and myself.
How Tania stole my blanket in the middle of the night.  And Eddy too.
Or when we were too tired to entertain one another.
How we got addicted to Monopoly Deal.
How the two girls were always sleeping at the back of the car in the weirdest fashion.
How we’d sing songs out-of-tune deliberately,
and mumble to the parts where we don’t know the lyrics.
Eddy’s endless (failed) magic trick attempts.
How we named our car T-reX, and our GPS navigator Gloria Penelope Senorita.
When we walked in the rain just to find chocolate sauce for our strawberries. .. READ MORE

RoadTrip Series: Bukit Tinggi & KL

Author’s Note:  After a fantastic time in KL, we headed north to Penang, where my hometown is.  It was the end point for us where Tania met up with her boyfriend there, and Eddy was feeling a bit under the weather.  So it was a time of recovery for us, and took the chance to spend more time with my parents.
We took videos of our journey, and they’re in the process of editing.  The day before our holidays ended, all four of us met up again at our current favourite cafe in Ipoh to put a nice close to the wonderful chapters of our roadtrip.  Post-thoughts on the trip will come soon. READ MORE

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together