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And Then She Drew The Clouds.


“I can’t do water. It looks so stagnant, there’s no life to it,” she sighed while staring at her masterpiece. I looked at the same canvas, only with a different opinion. To her consolation, I sighed too. In awe.

Why haven’t I noticed that piece before? Oh yes, that’s because I’m always sitting with my back facing the painting. I think I’m going to sit at the opposite direction next time. I like what I’ve just discovered.

“I’m going to focus on clouds next time. I think I’m better with skies,” she continued. “I have another blank canvas sitting around, I just haven’t had the time to paint.”

Have you ever looked at a painting and told yourself, hey I can do that too, only to find out it’s not as easy as it looks? And then someone comes along and picks up a pen or a brush and tricks you all over again that it is easy.

There’s talent to replicate. And then there’s talent to create. No need to say which one is more mind-blowing. I think that’s why I believe in God in the first place. I’ve been surrounded with a lot of creative people all my life, making me wish I’m more like them sometimes. I knew she’s always had a creative bone, a funny passion for frogs – but somewhere along the way, I guess I forgot.

Just a day after our conversation and a rekindled admiration, a new painting hung at the exact spot I was staring at the night before. She was right, she is better with skies. If you stared at the painting longer it would look as if the image is floating right in front of you. Another thing caught my eye, and I left her a message, wondering what that flower meant, unsure if I’ll ever find out.

This morning was gloomy, and I was battling the foggy windscreen again. Traffic was a little slower than usual, but somehow, I was in no hurry. There was an odd calming feeling surrounding me, and as I reached my office and made my way to the entrance, the peeking orange sunrise caught my eye. I couldn’t see the sun, but it definitely gave the clouds a golden glow. It looked like Someone else was doing a little painting this morning.

Just as I turned on my workstation, I received a surprising reply.

‘The flower represents all the blessings in my life!’ she wrote.

It would’ve been a lonely flower amidst the light blue background if it didn’t have the fluffy white patch behind her to share it with. It would still be a pretty flower, and we’d all still be in awe of its beauty, but it’d remain lonely.

And then she drew the clouds.

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