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Rush Hour

Some would call tomorrow D-day. The project team is racing against time to prepare every single detail to be presented to our stakeholders tomorrow for a milestone review. In less than 24 hours, we will know if we’re moving forward, making a U-turn or stop once and for all. During tough times like these in the oil & gas industry, everyone’s desperate to keep their project alive. Every tonne, every cent and every second count even more than before. READ MORE

Pulau Redang, April 2015

“Vern, the email is out! Jom!”
My would-be dive buddy Bib, who’s also sitting next to me at work called out when she received the email from our company sports club. We’ve been planning to dive together for awhile now, and since places are limited, we signed up within the same minute the email was shot out. I was partly nervous, as I haven’t been diving since I first got my license about a year and a half ago – I wasn’t sure if I still remember the basic skills. READ MORE

Get Up, and Try Again.

They say you ought to live amongst the bright lights at least once in your life. You know, those that never go out, no matter night or day. I can testify to that. I see the same ones when I wake, and they accompany me until I go home. ┬áIt’s as if they’re trying to make me feel less lonely after a long day.
And I’ve been having tons of long, long days. Those that would only leave me when my head hits the pillow filled with dreamless nights, and greet me again when I bat my eyelids for the first time the next morning. READ MORE

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together