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North Vietnam, June 2014

1. Hanoi
The first thing I notice about you is that you’re hot. Sweltering, unforgivingly hot. And humid too. Each time we walk outdoors we’re sweating like pigs. When we’re unlucky, we’re sweating indoors too (darn restaurants with no air-conditioning!).  Much like a woman’s wrath, your summer fury is no joke.
You’re ironic too.  You’re a lot like Malaysia, only maybe thirty or fourty years ago – but everywhere we went, there’s WiFi. You’re divided into two quarters – old and new – and each time we get lost, we return to Hoen Kiem Lake to readjust our bearings.  Scooters and taxis are always zipping by and to cross the road takes some skill, and a huge leap of faith. READ MORE

Bring Us Home Once More, MAS.

I was an airlines kid. To be specific, I was a MAS kid. My dad worked with the national carrier as a cashier (or an accountant without the degree, we like to call it), and I spent a lot of time (well, a lot more than kids my age back then) prancing around the Penang airport, slurping root beer from the old A&W outlet and playing with colorful plastic balls in KFC. READ MORE

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together