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Year-End Baby

A friend told me he wished he was born in December, like me.
I asked him why.
He said it would be nice to be a year younger than his peers.
I found that statement to be amusing, and yet partly true. As a December baby (and nearing the end of December at that), I’ve always been seen as the younger one, no matter what. As long as I can remember, I would always win the “who’s the youngest” game among my peers. Only another friend of mine, born on the 30th of December, would occasionally beat me to the game when she was around. While my friends were already getting their driving licenses, I had to wait a little longer before it was my turn. READ MORE

Sweet Omelette

Bro: I’m going out for awhile, okay? Going to go get some stuff to cook for brunch.
Me: Want me to go with you?
Bro: You want to come? Yeah, sure!
Me: You sure there aren’t any decent grocers nearby? I see a lot of shoplots.
Bro: Yeah, I’m thinking of the same thing. There has to be at least one somewhere. Let’s go search.
–Half hour later–
Me: Really none wo… READ MORE

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together