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A Different Kind of Patriotism?

“Wake up, wake up…”
The knocks on my bedroom door was almost customary for two occasions; the first day of Chinese New Year, and Merdeka Day. For the first, it was because mom had made a scrumptious breakfast, and we had to start our visiting routine. For the second, it was because my folks wanted us to catch the Merdeka Parade on TV.  READ MORE

Cutting Down

“Coffee?” “No, thanks. I’m cutting down on coffee.” “Are you serious?”  She asked me that as if that was the last thing she would hear from me. And she’s not the first to sound that way when I explain my ridiculous-but-true effort to reduce my coffee intake. Some, though, are slightly more curious. “But why?” I must admit, having a dose of caffeine to kick start the day is very nice. But not having to rely on coffee, is actually even nicer. Pure energy, recharged after a good night’s sleep, all on my own. Coffee, I have decided, will be for pure indulgence (ie. treats, good company, etc.) and emergencies (ie. when staying awake is impossible but absolutely crucial moments) only. In fact, I now prefer my coffee (and tea) black – but that’s another story. Coffee is just a start. I’m working on cutting down on many other unnecessary items. I won’t call myself a minimalist just yet, but I find that...

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together