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Lessons from a One-Year Old Nine to Six-er (Part 2 of 2)

This is a continuation from the previous list. The list that I’ve written aren’t set in stone – it depends on your working environment. As for me, I work in a large GLC with many layers of management that comes with its own set of internal politics. My first year has been all about adapting and learning how to work beyond the system. If you have any extra suggestions that you would like to add, please feel free to give your two cents! =)   Read. And Read Some More. Learning doesn’t end at university. In fact, if you were a part of the local education system like myself, you would know that true learning starts AFTER university. I consider myself fortunate that my mom instilled the habit of reading in me since young, and I find a lot of the things I read surface in conversations among the older people at work – managers, bosses, custodians, and even sales executives. We often overuse the excuse of “generation gap” and we can’t entirely blame the adults for...

Lessons from a One-Year Old Nine-to-Six-er (Part 1 of 2)

Disclaimer: The following list are variable with time. Author appreciates input. It’s Not The End Even though you’re extremely tired at the end of 6pm and all you want to go home and sleep – life doesn’t have to end there. Consider a change of lifestyle – exercise regularly (getting a gym membership doesn’t count unless you actually go to one at least 3-4 times a week), adopt a hobby, or spend an hour or two improving yourself in something that you really like doing. Keeping fit actually helps you be alert and stay awake longer throughout the day. Your mood improves and your clothes fit better too! Listen to Plato. Or at least that one quote of his: “Be Kind, For Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle.” You have your story, you have your chip on your shoulder – so does everyone. Everyone who has the perfect life won’t be existing in the same world as you. I have a Post-It note stuck on my phone in my office that says “Be Nice.” It sounds sad, but it reminds me...

Home is Where the Soup is

Soup has always been a big thing in my life. Being Cantonese, it is almost mandatory to have soup in every meal. My grandmother would normally scoop a small bowl of soup for each of her grandchildren each time we dine together. My brother would hardly finish his, and I would ask for seconds. And since my mom, a great cook all-around, makes delicious, nutritious, 0% MSG soup all the time, I would normally finish the entire pot of soup by the end of the day. READ MORE

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