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ArchiveJuly 2012

Life in Slow Motion


Wake up, slowly. Breathe, and thank God it’s another beautiful day.
It’s Saturday. I wake up surprised that it’s already 10.30am. I thought I set it for 9, but I didn’t hear my alarm. I check it again, and realize that I have set it wrongly. But that’s okay, I’m in no hurry today.
I laze around a little bit more, a luxury I rarely have – get out of bed and wash up. “I need to fix a water heater”, I keep telling myself so I don’t spend so much time just trying to get into shower. But it’s a good sign because it means the day is cool. I whistle a tune as I step out of shower, and took my time to pick something simple to wear. READ MORE

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together