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Swimming in Kerteh…

…shows the conservativeness in the community. Teenage boys and older swim with wet shirts on, and the ladies have full one-piece swimsuits that covers the thighs and arms.  And majority of them were Chinese. I have no qualms about it, it’s just part of an observation.
It was a long day with a long walk under the hot sun in thick coveralls, and the moment I got back to the hotel, all I wanted was to jump straight into the swimming pool before all the kids join me for their late evening swim. It’s been awhile since I had a good swim, and being able to do a few laps was refreshing instead of tiring. READ MORE

Cepat Dimasak, Sedap Dimakan!

(English translation: Fast to cook, good to eat!)
If you’re from Malaysia, you’d have probably chanted the above tagline while you were reading it. In fact, you probably grew up (and will grow old) with it. You see, I was desperately satisfying my craving for prawn mee today at PappaRich (I know, it’s not something I’m very proud of as a Penangite), and when I eat alone, I tend to observe my surroundings more. READ MORE

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together