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ArchiveMay 2012

You Have 24 Hours, And So Do I.


This ran across my mind when I saw not one, but two four-wheel drives braving through muddy, rocky terrains in the heart of this well-developed township, while others could only look with envy. It was almost as if Amazing Race was happening right next to me! Don’t get it? Let me explain. On the right of the two huge automobiles, was a long after-work queue at a roundabout I use everyday to go home. It’s a busy roundabout, but not difficult to use. But it has always been to my amusement that no one could ever follow the correct lanes prior to entering and exiting the roundabout. That is why it’s always a crawl, even if you’re making a 9 o’clock exit. So one Hilux decided he couldn’t wait any longer, and decided to get off the evenly-tarred road and onto the muddy, uneven grassy ground on the left to jump the queue. Not too far ahead, another jeep decided to follow suit. They could even manoeuvre their way around the road signs just to get by!  To top...

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together