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Take Time

Today, I take time to greet the morning.
I take time to give my best in my work.
I take time to send my car for a wash.
And I take time to enjoy my dinner.
I take time to observe the people around me, just taking their time enjoying the company they have.
While some, like me, take time to have some quiet moments, so rare on a Monday, so rare.
Today I take time to think. About the friends and family I miss. About this new life I lead and how, despite everything, remain so blessed. READ MORE

Starbucks Haiku

Coffee today
Noticed new mug
Tempted to steal
Walk away with it
Sensibility took over
Still tempted.
waiting for a friend
Nobody stays here
For dinner
Or do they?
Steal or not?
Friend arrives
Barrista cleans up
No stealing
No cup.


We’ve never had a photo of us together, come to think of it. I’ve known you and your little sister since I was 13, and yet I don’t even have a picture of you. How strange can that be? Maybe we were too busy trying to outdo each other with witty comments, and maybe I was too busy admiring your slander fingers dancing with the piano keys effortlessly, wishing such skills could come to me as easily. Maybe. READ MORE

What Is Right

He flicked that lighter skillfully a couple of times until the spark turned into a small, steady flame. Placing the flame at the end of the cigarette, he took a few puffs until the pale bud became bright amber – a routine he had taken for granted for the millionth time. The last, precious stick from the first box of the day, boy, he must have been more swamped than he thought. It was getting a little stuffy in the car so he winded the window down much to the dismay of other drivers watching those ashes fly toward their vehicle, silently hoping they won’t cause their cars to burst into flames, as silly as it sounds. READ MORE

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together