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And Then She Drew The Clouds.

“I can’t do water. It looks so stagnant, there’s no life to it,” she sighed while staring at her masterpiece. I looked at the same canvas, only with a different opinion. To her consolation, I sighed too. In awe.
Why haven’t I noticed that piece before? Oh yes, that’s because I’m always sitting with my back facing the painting. I think I’m going to sit at the opposite direction next time. I like what I’ve just discovered. READ MORE

Forgiving Monday

Somehow, the thought of forgiveness struck me today. Coming from a multi-racial country, it’s a favourite theme for Christmas, Chinese New Year as well as Hari Raya, but it ought to be something more than just a seasonal gimmick to watch tear-jerking movies and commercials.
Forgiveness is part of putting judgment aside. When you can look at people beyond their past, you think about second chances. Perhaps it’s in our nature to be cautious, especially when someone doesn’t have a relatively good track record, but I guess if we don’t give them a chance once in awhile, we’ll never really know who they have become. READ MORE

Friday Too Soon

It’s 7.15 in the morning and I’m peeved with the foggy windshield I start my journey with every single morning. Wipe once, the fog comes back. Another time, same thing. It takes several rounds of wiping before it completely goes away, no thanks to the cool morning that also makes it difficult for me to get out of bed. This morning, the foggy windshield irks me more than usual. I can’t stop thinking about it even as I enter the office and the first thing I type into Google is “how to prevent windshields from fogging up”. Wind down the windows, stupid, Google yelled at me in mockery – well, at least it will irk me no more. READ MORE

Daily, Possibly.

I’ve added a new category. It seems like I’ve not written enough, or as much as I would like to. They say the secret to mastering the art of writing, is to keep writing, even when it hard or when inspiration is as dry as your morning cereal out of the box. Write until there’s no reason not to. Be it 10 words a day, to a full-length decent essay – churn some thoughts into words and publish away. Because next thing you know, you might be rhyming. READ MORE


2012 marks a new year, and a new life for me. On New Year’s itself, I was already on my way to a new place to start my new job. For those who don’t know where I’ve been hiding lately, I’ve been posted to Bangi by my sponsors – a little Malay town about 45 minutes from Big City KL. Being here for two weeks now, I still find myself adjusting to the different culture here. READ MORE

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together