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Aroha Nui, Aotearoa – Part 2

Good morning, sunshine.
I hope it wasn’t too cold for you last night. Get up, get up, and grab some delicious breakfast from the local deli. These are mornings you actually remember to thank the Creator for. Your mom got fascinated by the array of bread and pastries arranged in those glass cabinets. You must take a photo of these, she said, we would want to pick an idea or two out of the arrangements next time. READ MORE

Aroha Nui, Aotearoa – Part 1

I greet you with the most beautiful snow-capped mountains you have only seen on postcards. You must have been puzzled because you were told that spring has sprung and your suitcase was not ready for winter. But awhile ago the captain announced that you have crossed halfway between the equator and the south pole. Have you miscalculated, you wondered, perhaps it won’t be so cold down there, you silently hoped. READ MORE

Dum Spiro, Scribo.

I’ve been taking a little break from blogging ever since my convocation was over, even though I still have some New Zealand stories to tell. Not because I’m lazy, but primarily because I’m at that transition phase most unemployed fresh graduates go through. And I’ve been trying hard not to be completely ‘unemployed’, so I’ve been keeping myself busy with small design jobs and favours, and doing things I haven’t had time to do before such as craft works. READ MORE

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together