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Another Off The Check-List

Today, I sat for the Petronas Ability Test for scholars. If I pass this, then I’ll be shortlisted for the Structured Interview. I know some of my friends who planned to fail this test since the beginning we heard of it, because they wanted to be released by their sponsor (not sure if it’s that simple). I had that initial thought as well, but when the test came about, I decided to do my best anyway. READ MORE

An Escape to Tekek Village, Pulau Tioman

It was a long journey – a long, long journey. Never mind the fact that we spent 8 hours on the road from UTP to the Mersing Jetty in Johore, we spent another 2 hours in the ferry just to get off the wrong stop, whereby we had to wait another 2 hours to hitch another ferry ride (extra RM20 gone) to get to our destination: Tekek Village, Pulau Tioman.
Click here for photos from our island escapade. READ MORE

The One-Buck Smile

Once in awhile, we receive torn/patched banknotes from our regular transactions. How many of us try to get rid of those ugly banknotes as soon as possible? ┬áBe it slipping it in between the good ones as you give it to someone else, donating it, or even exchanging it with a friend who is about to make payment – for fear of the validity of those notes, or simply because they don’t look good. READ MORE

Vern Needs A Holiday

Yes, it’s the beginning of the semester and I need a holiday already.
That’s because I haven’t had a proper one during my proper break.
And since I got back to campus it has been work work work all the way. Didn’t even have time to think and reflect on how much I’ve grown and how fat and grumpy I’ve become.
I’ve outgrown the stage of complaining about my life and comparing my “woes” to others a long time ago (except the once-in-a-blue moon meltdowns). I no longer focus on things I cannot control, but have shifted to things that I can do to make my life a little better. So, I’ve decided that… READ MORE

Just Look Outside

Once in awhile, my research partner and I like to talk about God, and take a jab at the few things about organized religion that we can’t stand. He’s a more logical person, and has lost all passion for religion a few years ago. While we have many different opinions about things (we talk about Darwin’s theory,┬áNietzsche’s philosophy, etc), there was something I shared that he couldn’t help but agree with me. I said something along these lines, READ MORE

Life As A Final Year, Final Semester Student

“What are you doing everyday in your room? If you don’t want to go to class, then go home!”
I couldn’t help but chuckle along when I overheard one of my housemates jokingly teased her roommate in a fake foreign accent. In my house, I think all of us are in our final year, and due to the extension of the semester, some courses only have one subject left to finish. Can you imagine, only 3 hours of lecture for the entire week? READ MORE

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together